Swing Trading

Trade Entry Without Confirmation

trade confirmation

Trade entries are a much talked about trading topic and for good reason. A trade entry close to a turning point gives a great risk to reward ratio while one that requires confirmation, can lessen the ratio and decrease your position sizing. The problem is that often times it’s an... Read moreread more

Forex Swing Trade Error

swing trade mistake

I messed up on a swing trade and it cost me money. The hardest part of the entire event is that I know better and have written about it many times in these trading tips blog posts. Yes the trade made money which is much better than taking a loss... Read moreread more

Trading Rules And Conditions Apply

Having a set of trading rules and conditions that you look for when searching out trading opportunities is really one of the keys to success. It doesn’t matter if you use a 80-90% mechanical system like Counterpunch or DST from Netpicks that plots out the opportunity or you use a... Read moreread more

Stopped Out Swing Trade Is OK

forex swing trade

Two words in trading that give many people a shudder are “Stopped Out”. It suggests that you just took a loss on your trade and are nursing the hit to your trading account. Sidetrack:  You should never be nursing the loss of money.  If so, you have probably risked too... Read moreread more

Patience With A Trending Market

focus and have patience

Imagine being able to pinpoint the exact turning point of any trending market. Imagine being able to ride that change of trend all the way to the reversal in the other direction. It would certainly be an incredible event that would no doubt make you a lot of money. The... Read moreread more

Do You Want This Position

  I want to go back to something Marty Schwartz said that actually occurred this past week for me. It is something that I struggled with when I started trading, not so much now and when the opportunity to jump was there this week, I continued to exercise something that... Read moreread more

Swing Trading Does Make Money

Make money swing trading

I guess the many stories (mostly phony) that people read in the emails that advertise the newest and greatest trading system, still has them convinced that day trading is the only means to make money trading. I want to tell you again that it is not accurate. Yes, there are... Read moreread more

Netflix, New Coke and the Amazon Kindle

I know we have a lot of Swing Traders in our midst.  Last time we held a live webinar over 2/3rds said they were doing at least some swing trading. Could the shocking blunders of NetFlix (symbol:  NFLX) in recent weeks (and in particular yesterday with their launch of…..Qwikster) be... Read moreread more

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Trading Silver

As an active intraday trader and swing trader one of the key ingredients to look for in a market is volatility. We really do not care if the market moves up or down as long as we get nice swings in both directions. With that being said, one of my... Read moreread more

Working with Multiple Timeframes

multiple time frame trading

New SST owners often ask if we look at other time frames or markets to confirm our setups. The simple answer is no, the Seven Summits Trader was designed with ease of use in mind. That means a minimum number of indicators, unambiguous and clearly identified trade setups, stops and... Read moreread more