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NetPicks Overnight Pop Trades

Overnight Pop Trades A real-time options alert service focused exclusively on trading today, profiting tomorrow. These trades are designed to trade the top names and exit all within 24 hours or less.


High Velocity Wave Trader

Discover how to rapidly grow your account & create an income focusing exclusively on day trading the E-Mini futures. Ride the big wave moves and minimize time in the markets each day.


Nasdaq Options Superstars

Nasdaq Options Superstars trades only the top tech names, including Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google, and more.  Learn how to use options strategies that can win up to 5 different ways with

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What Is A Trading Feedback Loop?

Succeeding at trading is more than using trading indicators and price action.  Forming good habits and breaking old ones is important to anyone who is trying to become good at something. and that includes trading. If you want to become excellent at what you do and create a long-term sustainable living out of trading, it’s crucial

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McGinley Dynamic Indicator

The McGinley Dynamic Indicator (MDI) is a close cousin to the standard moving averages that most traders are familiar with. Unlike moving averages however, from simple moving averages to the EMA, the McGinley Dynamic actually adjusts automatically according to the speed of the market. It actually helps mitigate the issue with the standard moving average

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Is SPY Ready For A Pullback?

After another week of new all time highs across many markets, I’m hearing from many of our trades who are asking is the market ready for a pullback? As we work through our watch list of stocks and ETF’s that we trade, we are seeing overheated markets all over the place. This is especially true

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Best Day Trading Software for Beginners in 2021

When thinking about the essential day trading software tools that you need to succeed at, or any trading for that matter, never skimp on quality.  Always invest in the highest quality tools that you can afford for your trading business. Depending on your trading system, you may need top of the line trading charts, fast order