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NetPicks Overnight Pop Trades

Overnight Pop Trades A real-time options alert service focused exclusively on trading today, profiting tomorrow. These trades are designed to trade the top names and exit all within 24 hours or less.


High Velocity Wave Trader

Discover how to rapidly grow your account & create an income focusing exclusively on day trading the E-Mini futures. Ride the big wave moves and minimize time in the markets each day.


Nasdaq Options Superstars

Nasdaq Options Superstars trades only the top tech names, including Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google, and more.  Learn how to use options strategies that can win up to 5 different ways with

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Learn to turn $327 into $1,237 following a simple, repeatable pattern trading options. Looking for a straightforward way to create income? Takes just minutes per week.

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Breakouts VS Pullbacks – Which One To Trade

If you want to have a spirited conversation with a fellow trader, pick a side in the breakout or pullback debate. Sometimes I feel that trading methods become as partisan as politics with one side thinking their side is the way to go. But…..the truth is that the title of this post is a misleading

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3 Fixed Profit Target Techniques

One important exit to consider when trading is where to take your profit taking exit strategy will be. Just jumping out of a trade is never a strong choice so what are your choices in taking your gains? Fixed target price – This is a defined price point in the instrument you are trading Trailing

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Weekly Options Secrets Revealed

When talking about stock options there are many common questions that come up. Which strike price should I trade? Should I buy or sell the options? Should I use weekly or monthly options? The reason these questions can be tricky is that there is no perfect answer that fits each situation. It all depends on

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Simple Daily Chart Inside Bar Strategy

In a busy world, not everybody has a chance to sit and trade all day. In fact, one of the reasons our Options trading programs have done so well is because of time constraints.  To learn about Options trading, shoot Mike an email: and let him know you are interested in learning about what