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Plan Ahead For Fast Moving Markets

Fortunes can be made and lost on any given day and in any given time frame.  No market is immune to rapid movements in price and that includes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Unexpected news, surprising comments from key people or way out of line economic data can all catch the markets off… Read more

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4 Steps To Prepare For Trading Like a Pro Trader

Day trading can be a stressful way to make money, keep any profit you make and traders should have a “trading preparation” checklist as they come into their trading day. Like so many other things in life, the level of attention paid to trading preparation is frequently not what it… Read more

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5 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin

Bitcoin mania is alive and well to the point that “How to buy bitcoin” was one of Google’s most popular searches in 2017. One of the driving forces behind bitcoin’s popularity is the fact that it is a global phenomenon.  It is not confined to a few countries but instead,… Read more

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5 Stocks To Profit With During The Cryptocurrency Craze

With all of the excitement on Bitcoin these days it’s important as traders to look into how we can profit from the movement.  We have not seen something this volatile and potentially lucrative in the long and short term as we have with cryptocurrencies. Is Bitcoin going to $1,000,000? Is… Read more

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Warning: Breakouts Fail. Here’s What To Watch For

Simple works in trading and by that I mean pullbacks and breakouts from consolidations because that is how the market operates. Markets move from a trending environment to a consolidated environment repeatedly which makes taking advantage of simple price patterns a smart play. In an earlier post about pattern failures,… Read more

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Cryptocurrency Terminology Decrypted

The public awareness of Bitcoin and alt currencies is increasing which is the first stage of public acceptance.  A simplified version of how growth occurs: Small % of the mainstream has awareness of X and growth is slow As news continues to cover X, more of the mainstream becomes aware and growth matures Once… Read more

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis – Parabolic Bubbles or Long Term Bull Market?

During the past few months, there has been an endless stream of articles, reports, dissertations and blog posts discussing the many benefits of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.  The majority of these articles focused on bitcoin’s future role in: payment processing banking smart contracts distributed storage and other… Read more

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Pattern Failures Must Be Understood

There are a handful of trading patterns that have a statistical edge in the market.  One of the most popular among traders is the simple bull or bear flag otherwise known as a pullback. The pullback pattern actually capitalizes on the basic principle of how a market trends:  strength with impulse moves in… Read more

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Major Issues For Bitcoins Continued Success

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has overcome many obstacles and challenges. Without question, the digital currency is in much better shape regarding social acceptance versus eight years ago. It appears bitcoin is on its way to becoming used as a medium of exchange on a global basis. However, there… Read more

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Take Trading Entries At The Right Location

In a 2 part series about an objective way to draw trend lines, there was something important that is a must for any trader. While trend lines can give you a great view of the current market structure, some people may be thinking they are also an entry into a… Read more

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Is Making Money Your Trading Goal? Rethink That

We want to make money in trading.  Sounds like an obvious statement and it is but having that as your first goal is not something you want to do. Trading goals are vital just as setting goals in anything can help you attain them with a proper plan but you… Read more

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Bitcoin Mania – Fairy Dust or World’s Global Currency?

During the past several weeks, it’s been almost impossible to avoid hearing or reading a story about bitcoin, particularly within the financial community.  It seems that “bitcoin mania” is sweeping the globe.  Given the fact that bitcoin is still in its infancy stage, there remains a number of unanswered questions… Read more

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3 Tips to Improve Trading Performance Now

In a world where the information available to us is growing at an exponential rate, we must be mindful of the fact that we have a limited capacity to receive, process and incorporate ideas into our own lives and into our trading session. What you pay attention to can also… Read more

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Cryptocurrency Trading. What Side Will You Be On?

With the massive run in Bitcoin, Netpicks has had some inquiries about cryptocurrency trading and if it is something that we will take a look at for our Inner Circle members. Nobody can deny the popularity of cryptocurrencies especially after seeing Bitcoin run upwards for $3000 this week topping the… Read more

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3 Principles Of Mindfulness Trading

In a post entitled Take A Break From Your Trading Screen, I touched on the benefits of shutting off your focus and letting her brain take a break.  For traders, where the need of intense focus is immense, being able to step back mentally is vital. Up until the last several… Read more

take a break
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Take A Break From Your Trading Screen

We’ve all been there where trading consumes us to the point that we are living in front of the computer.  “Take a break from trading” is probably something you’ve heard at least once during your trading career. It may not be time spent actually placing trades but learning and back… Read more

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Consistency Plus Edge Equals Money In Crude Oil

Regardless of how many posts you read in our trading tips section, the overriding theme is consistency. Consistency with method Consistency with trade plans Consistency with risk and money management It’s the consistency when trading an actual edge in the market that will lead to success over time.  It won’t… Read more

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Is There An Inside Bar Pattern Trading Strategy?

The inside bar (candlestick) chart pattern shows us consolidation in price which can make it a great trading tool if you trade the inside bar setups correctly. What happens though is that many traders don’t understand what this chart pattern represents and they end up trading it incorrectly.  In doing… Read more

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Set Conditions For Successful Trading By Being Like A UFC Fighter

Netpicks may be a leader in trading system development but we also pride ourselves with the level of trading education we provide.  One look through our trading tips blog and it’s obvious that you and your success is a priority for us. That’s why our trading room is so popular. … Read more

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Is That A False Breakout? Here Are Some Clues.

A breakout is a common price pattern and they are a frequent occurrence in any market.  There occur at enough frequency that there are breakout traders who only look for that type of price action. Think about it:  Where does a trend start?  On the breakout of consolidation so knowing… Read more