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How to Overcome the Fear of Trading

Fear of trading haunts all traders at some point.  It was my fear of trading that had me learning how to design effective trade strategies.  Mainly due to the pressure of calling a live traderoom with so many people depending on my trade calls, it was ‘necessity being the mother… Read more

trend reversal head and shoulders
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Trading Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern

Trading the head and shoulders chart pattern in the common way is to treat it as a reversal pattern.  It is probably ranked as close in popularity as the various triangle patterns that can be on a chart. Let’s cover the standard method of trading a head and shoulders chart… Read more

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Trading Results can be Improved with a Dash of Art

Trading results definitely improve with a dash of art.  The important thing is to not be too much of an artist.  I like to call it the 5% art to trading.  By reducing some of the art part of trading down to mechanical rules, you can reduce the percentage to… Read more

Jun15 Share

12 Powers To Successful Trading

Despite what all the marketing hype says, successful trading is not something that just magically appears one day. You won’t plug and play a trading system or strategy on a Monday and find yourself sitting in the winners circle on Tuesday.   Trading Success Is A Never Ending Process It… Read more

most popular
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5 Most Popular Trading Tips Blog Posts At Netpicks

One thing that makes our trading tips blog unique is that the content is written by real traders. At Netpicks, virtually everybody you will deal with trades markets such as Futures, ETFs for long term wealth building, Forex, and even Options.  We know what traders go through, the challenges we… Read more

equity curve with draw down
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Trading Drawdown – Can You Live Through It?

Do you know what gets ignored when people write about trading? Living through a trading drawdown. Traders understand that their account will ebb and flow (just like the price on the chart) but when their trading account starts to look like a bear market due to an extended drawdown period,… Read more

summertime trading
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Summer Trading And Low Volume

Trading over the summer months can be hit and miss at times. Some years it can be great, but many other years it can be slow and dull with low trading volume. Big traders and fund managers etc. will take off this time to enjoy it with their families and… Read more

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Trading Journal Spreadsheet Is A Career Saver

Many successful and professional traders talk about how important it is to keep a trading journal spreadsheet. In the “boss-less” environment of the at home trader, keeping a trade journal keeps you on your toes knowing that at the end of the day, your results are still being measured even… Read more

May25 Share

How Many Losing Trades Before You Quit Trading

We are all going to have losing trades.  The only way to avoid a losing trade is to not trade. Since you intend to make trading a career, not trading is not an option and a question that’s come up in our trade room has been “How many losses would… Read more

Build Custom Trading Indicators
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How To Build Custom Trading Indicators

Out of the box trading indicators are a common sight on many trading charts.  Whether it’s a 50 SMA, MACD, or the Stochastic Oscillator, indicators make up a large part of many trading strategies. Many traders also use custom indicators that they’ve built from the ground up.  While that may… Read more

SPY ETF vs. the S&P 500 Stock Index (SPX)
May17 Share

411 On Exchange Traded Products

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) have grown in popularity as more products have become available and more traders have become aware of their benefits. ETPs look like stocks, trade during market hours on stock exchanges, and provide similar trading opportunities including order types (market, limit, stop, etc.), short selling, and options. How are ETF’s different than stocks?… Read more

Pen and business graph
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Effective Keltner Channel Trading Strategy

The Keltner Channel trading strategy uses a volatility based trading indicator to allow us to trade markets that are showing some decent price movement. Indicators are derivative of price meaning that the results that you see via a trading indicator will come via a calculation using the price you see on your… Read more

day trading strategies
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Stop Using The Past To Show Success

Trading is all about taking a risk based on incomplete data and becoming an expert at this should lead to profitability. Learn from the mistakes you make but make sure the lessons are the right ones. Using historical charts can lead us astray because in hindsight, everything is obvious.  So… Read more

Trading Log
May03 Share

Using A Trading Log Or Just Winging It?

Without using a trading log to log your trading activity, you will have no clue if your trading strategy has a chance of working over the long term. How could you? You need data to back up the probability of your trading strategy and a trading log is the best… Read more

trading plan questions
Apr30 Share

Is The Russell 2000 E-mini Futures A Waste Of Time?

We recently did a video outlining the 3 essential keys to determining if a chart is worth trading and now let’s see if the Russell e-Mini is a market worth day trading and if so what chart. Let’s first review  the 3 essential questions: Are there enough trades in our session? Are… Read more

Think in Ticks not $ - Data Analyzing
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Stop Trading Support And Resistance The Wrong Way

“There’s no such thing as support and resistance levels” When I first heard that I thought “What kind of rubbish is this guy talking?” What are support and resistance levels? “support is a level or area on the chart under the market where buying interest is sufficiently strong to overcome… Read more

best charts for day trading
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In this short video I want to give you 3 tips to finding which charts to day trade. This is a topic that comes up a lot in our day trade rooms. We get this question all the time and it is a daunting task or at least on the… Read more

People Celebration Success Working Successful Concept
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5 Factors To Success You Can Work On Today

It’s the biggest time of the year for hockey fans as the playoffs are now in session.  During this types of “do or die” moments,  I get thinking about motivation in sport and the similarities of the issues traders face. Potentially one of the biggest issues a retail trader faces… Read more

Businessman putting on his seat belt in his car
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5 Essential Keys To Being A Successful Emini Futures Trader

The E- Mini futures markets are both seductive and treacherous. On any given session a trader can find numerous opportunities. But along with opportunities come many hazards. In fact, navigating your way through an eMini session, without losing your hard earned capital, let alone your shirt, is much tougher than… Read more

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Build An Automated Trading Strategy With Tradestation Strategy Builder

You don’t have to be a programmer to build your own automated trading strategy. If you use TradeStation you can create a custom strategy using a slew of built in strategies and trading indicators that you can mix and match. In this article we’ll show you how to put together… Read more