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YM and FX Daytrades from this Past Week with SPT

I just finished a walk through video of this past week’s crude oil trades and I wanted to do another one with two very popular markets. The YM (Dow E-Mini) is a great instrument for traders of every level of trading experience and we hit new equity highs with our trading… Read more

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Crude Oil Trading Plan Success – Week of July 16

A futures market that gets a lot of attention from traders in our Inner Circle, is crude oil. Crude oil futures is a very liquid market and when combined with our trading plans, can be a very consistent income generating market. You are not limited to only trading the regular… Read more

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Trailing Stops – When Should You Use Them in Your Trading?

Trailing your stop loss in the market in the hopes of making big profits isn’t always going to be the best thing to do in every situation. Markets which aren’t trending (and most of the time, most are not) will come back on you and take you out for a… Read more

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Trading Is About Probabilities – You Know That Right?

Trading is  a game of probabilities and any successful trader knows that at any time, the next trade can be a winner or it can be a loser. Trading with an edge, you want to allow the probabilities to play out and that can only happen over a large basket… Read more

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Kagi Charts – How to Trade these Squiggly Lines | Netpicks

Kagi charts were developed in the 1870’s in Japan, and many of us in the US first learned about them from Steve Nison in his book Beyond Candlesticks. When we started using Range and Renko Charts with our systems here at NetPicks a while back, we got a lot of… Read more

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Support and Resistance Trading – How to Trade Price Levels like a Pro

“There’s no such thing as support and resistance levels” When I first heard that I thought “What kind of rubbish is this guy talking?” What are support and resistance levels? “support is a level or area on the chart under the market where buying interest is sufficiently strong to overcome… Read more

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Complete MACD Indicator Settings and Trading Strategy Guide

One of the first indicators I ever experimented with was one developed by Gerald Appel in the late 1970s called the MACD indicator, otherwise defined as the moving average convergence divergence indicator. The MACD histogram was added in 1986. Right from the start I used it as a technical analysis tool,… Read more

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13 Forex Trading Tips Every New and Experienced Trader Must Know

Some of the best Forex trading tips that can lead to trading success are usually the simple ones. Given that Forex market is popular for both experienced and beginning traders, you know there are quite a few tips available for all traders With low initial deposits depending on your account… Read more

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NetPicks Inner Circle Live Options Demo 6/29/18

We held a Live Options Demo on Friday 6/29/18 to show how we approach the Options market at NetPicks. In the video below you will find a walk through of our options trades from last week and we also take a look at some new trades setting up for next… Read more

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7 Best Day Trading Tips from Netpicks Professional Traders for 2018

The Netpicks group of traders has put together a list of the best day trading tips we could give new and experienced day traders. Day trading has changed over the past decades as technology has made it easy for anybody to get involved in the markets. The pitch was you… Read more

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Crude Oil Inventory Trade Results – June 27 2018

I’ve received many emails about the crude oil inventory report trade that is done live in our trading room every week. The set time frame we look at, the trading plan we use, and how quickly someone short on time during the day can profit from the market is appealing… Read more

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Say No To Random Trading And Yes To Success

Our YM trading plan is one trade away of making all new equity highs. Russell E-Mini, NQ, ES, Crude oil and others all hitting their trade plan objectives with minimal trading, one or two trades only, and goals reached. Markets are challenging at the best of times but our trade… Read more

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Successful Trading Needs A Consistent Trading Approach

There are a lot of pitfalls in trading and it is only a matter of time before one of them starts to challenge you in ways you could not imagine. Traders often hear about trading psychology and how important it is to understand how issues with psychology can influence your… Read more

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Netpicks Day Trading Plans Are Designed for Minimal Trading

Winning trade plans for day traders are consistently accomplishing the goals of the Spotlight Power Trader strategy which helps traders stay consistent in their approach. The key is to not try to do too much and just stay focused on achieving the overriding goals of the strategy: To quit with… Read more

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Options Sell Call Spread on Paypal for $60 per Spread- June 2018

In this week’s Options Trade Of The Week, we will use our Spotlight Power Trader system to identify a bearish trade opportunity on PayPal (Symbol: PYPL). With the market making a big move higher over the last few weeks,  we are left with many overbought markets. This is especially true… Read more

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Instant Gratification Trading Crude Oil Inventory Report with CPT

In a world where instant gratification is a desired result, the “one minute trade” fits the bill when we trade the crude oil inventory report. It’s not always “instant” because sometimes we have to wait two minutes but compared to a longer term trading position, it’s close enough Even when… Read more

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Best Automated Trading and Charting Software in 2018 for Forex

Forex trading software has evolved from simple broker charts and Forex trading robots all the way to Forex automation software that make it easy for anybody to enter the market and begin trading Markets of all types have benefited from technology advances and the number of advancements in online trading can boggle the… Read more

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Use Both Sides of Your Brain for Trading Success and Consistency

When you have been trading long enough, the dogma when it comes to trading education becomes obvious. In fact, there are too many courses, books, and trading forum professionals using words like “should”, “must”, as if they are talking about the only path to success. Having a belief that there… Read more

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NetPicks Inner Circle Live Options Demo

We held a Live Options Demo on Friday 6/15/18 to show how we approach the Options market at NetPicks. In the video below you will find a walk through of our options trades from last week and we also take a look at some new trades setting up for next… Read more

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Today’s Best Daytrades with Spotlight Power Trader and SubZero

Succeeding at day trading in not an impossible task. In fact, there is no secret that the professionals know that is hidden away from the general public. Throughout the over two decades that Netpicks has been developing trading software and training traders from all over the world, we can narrow… Read more