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How Markets Can Respond to Support and Resistance Levels - Summary of ways markets react
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3 Things Price Can Do At Support And Resistance Levels

Trading support and resistance levels is a common approach to trading.  Whether it’s a viable strategy is another question and much of that will depend on the trader. One of the biggest issues with support and resistance is defining levels that actually mean something. How do you know that your… Read more

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Are You Missing This Essential Thing Needed For Success?

We can talk a lot about consistency in trading from risk management to trade entry.  Consistency is important because without it, not only will your trading success be sporadic but it’s impossible to fine tune areas where you are making mistakes. Some may say that being consistent with the right… Read more

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Will Small Trading Accounts Challenge Your Level Of Success?

Do most traders fail?  The statistics say that 90% of traders fail but let’s take a look at who we are talking about? How do you define “trader”?  Would you consider someone who funds a small trading account with $200 and uses an untested trading strategy a “trader”? I don’t… Read more

day trading strategies
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One Truth In Trading To Not Forget

There is one trading book we recommend for every trader and that one is “Trading In The Zone” by Mark Douglas.  While there are trading books on trading techniques and money management, Trading In The Zone focuses more on the mindset of a successful trader. One section of the book… Read more

trading as a hobby
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Is Your Trading Really Just A Hobby?

There are quite a number of trading “cons” floating around the internet and people are rightly concerned about getting sucked into one of them.  The Forex market seems to have a high number of “can’t miss” trading systems and the most aggressive marketing While these trading “cons” are so good… Read more

I don't want to listen anymore
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Should You Stop Learning And Just Trade?

Do you ever “arrive” as a successful trader?  Is there ever a time where you just know it all and can rest on your laurels and trade? I don’t think so. Just as a professional athlete constantly goes over the basics and tweaks technique, I think traders should as well. … Read more

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Keltner Channel Pullbacks – How Many Are Too Many?

A trading tips blog reader sent me a question about the Keltner Channel trading strategy article that I put together.  If you have not read that article, I suggest you go back and take a look through it so what you are about to read makes sense. In truth, I can’t… Read more

trading frustrations
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Stop Letting Your Trading Frustrations Put Your Future At Risk

Trading frustrations are a very real thing.  There are something that every new trader faces but it is not reserved only for them. No matter how long you are in this game, being frustrated is something that will be an ongoing issue but you will get better at handling it…. Read more

multi tasking
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You Are Not Just A Trader But 1 Hat At A Time Please

When you tell people you are a trader, you are selling yourself short.  While being a successful trader is an accomplishment by itself, you no doubt wear a few different hats in your trading business. If you’re a discretionary trader, to give yourself the greatest possible chance of success requires… Read more

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Losing Trades Are Not That Bad

It is interesting to see how individual traders approach this business.  Of course there are different methods and ways to trade but I am talking about the mindset in regards to trading losses.  I think that is the number one criteria that can predict the ultimate success or failure of… Read more