Options Trading

Option Premium 101

An options premium refers to the current price of the option that would need to be paid by the buyer to the seller. When looking at the prices quoted in your broker platform, you will notice they are quoted per share. Each contract however represents 100 shares of stock. For... Read moreread more

Options Trading FAQ’s

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 We held our live 2 day Options Trading For Income Crash Course this past week where we walked through how we use our entire options toolbox on a weekly basis. If you missed that training (free) I have included links below to the material... Read moreread more

Is the market bottom in place?

Last updated on June 18th, 2020 After a big wave lower in stocks due to the initial reaction to the coronavirus spreading, markets have recovered off the lows in a big way. We saw stocks rally 25% over the last 2 weeks on hopes that the worst of the virus... Read moreread more

Best Moving Averages For Options Traders

Last updated on September 7th, 2020 My preferred style of trading is swing trading using various options strategies. I consider a swing trade holding a position for a period of 2 days on out to 4 weeks. That is the sweet spot that I have identified when using many types... Read moreread more

Why We Don’t Like To Use Stop Orders When Trading Options

Last updated on July 3rd, 2020 I have heard all of these statements repeated during my nearly 20 years of trading options and markets in general: “Let your winners run, cut your losses quickly.” “Keep your losses small” “You have to use stop orders” Traders get so concerned with getting... Read moreread more

Placing Option Orders In Volatile Markets

Last updated on April 4th, 2020 Options traders love volatile markets. I would much rather trade in active market conditions with big moves back and forth rather than a slow market like we saw for most of 2019 and early 2020. However, with volatility returning the last month, it does... Read moreread more

How Big Of An Account Size Is Necessary To Trade Options?

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 ‘How big of an account size is necessary to trade options?’ Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working with thousands of traders looking to trade in the options markets. This is one of the top questions I get. The... Read moreread more

5 Market Internals To Watch

Last updated on July 2nd, 2020 The main work space that I look at throughout the day to get a feel for market strength or weakness is what I call my Market Internals work space. In this article, I am going to discuss that market internals I use on a... Read moreread more

Buy Call Options Or Sell A Put Spread?

Markets continued their historic run of extreme volatility this past week due to the spread of the coronavirus. We are in the midst of a global economic slowdown that looks to be in place for the next few months at a minimum. While talk of a recession is no fun to go through,... Read moreread more

How Important Is Volatility When Trading Options?

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 It’s easy to turn on financial media these and get scared away from the markets due this high volatility that have been seeing the last 3 weeks. As options traders, we have the opportunity to use the volatility to our advantage as it can... Read moreread more

How To Get The Best Price On An Options Order

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 The last few weeks as the coronavirus crisis has evolved, have produced some of the most volatile markets we have ever seen. 5% moves in the S&P 500 used to take days and are now taking a matter of a few hours. As a... Read moreread more

Options Trade Of The Week – VXX

Over the last 2 weeks we have seen global markets get crushed due to coronavirus. We are in the midst of a historic move lower in equities and move higher in the volatility products. Markets are pricing in extreme fear due to the spread of the coronavirus. To take advantage... Read moreread more

Navigating Coronavirus Volatility With Options

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 We just completed one of the most volatile weeks of trading that markets have ever seen due to he fear of the unknown due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19 ). Panic has completely gripped the financial markets.   VIX & Market Volatility... Read moreread more

Monthly or Weekly Options…Which should I trade?

Last updated on October 28th, 2020 When talking about stock options there are many common questions that come up. Which strike price should I trade? Should I buy or sell the options? Should I use monthly or weekly options? The reason these questions can be tricky is that there is... Read moreread more

Using Options Basics to Increase Profits

Last updated on October 19th, 2020 Turn on any type of financial media or have a conversation with a long time money manager and you will hear that trading Options is a very risky endeavor. You will hear stats thrown around that 95% of traders fail in making money long... Read moreread more

Options Trade Of The Week – DIA

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 To take advantage of a potential move lower in the market, we are looking at buying Put Options on DIA for our Options Trade Of The Week. Buying Put Options is an aggressive trade looking for a move lower. It’s a break from the... Read moreread more

Options Call Spread Trade – Pinterest

Last updated on March 25th, 2020 We are finally starting to see market selling this week for the first time in a number of months. We have been talking about this move in our last few Options Trades Of the Week. With the selling starting to pickup, it will begin... Read moreread more

Options Trade Of The Week – NFLX

Last updated on November 4th, 2019 Are the big swings in this market this week causing doubt as to what trades you should be placing? I have heard from numerous traders just over the last few days that are frustrated with the big volatility that seems to come out of... Read moreread more

5 Questions To Instantly Improve Your Options Trading

Last updated on April 18th, 2020 Do you ever get the feeling that markets are rigged against you? Does it always seem like the market makes the exact opposite move that you are looking for? Why does it seem like the market reverses the very moment you put a trade... Read moreread more

Options Trade Of The Week – UAL

Last updated on February 13th, 2020 We continue to see markets driven by headlines here this week. Everyone’s focus is on the trade war with China, new tariffs ready to kick in over the weekend, and the Trump tweets that seem to come out every few hours. As a result,... Read moreread more