Basic Trading Strategies

Basic trading strategies focus primarily on technical indicator based trading. Typically basic trading strategies utilize one more more technical indicators in an effort to put the odds in our favor that a trading will head in a determined direction in the near term.

One Truth In Trading To Not Forget

day trading strategies

There is one trading book we recommend for every trader and that one is “Trading In The Zone” by Mark Douglas.  While there are trading books on trading techniques and money management, Trading In The Zone focuses more on the mindset of a successful trader. One section of the book... Read moreread more

You Are Not Just A Trader But 1 Hat At A Time Please

multi tasking

When you tell people you are a trader, you are selling yourself short.  While being a successful trader is an accomplishment by itself, you no doubt wear a few different hats in your trading business. If you’re a discretionary trader, to give yourself the greatest possible chance of success requires... Read moreread more

Losing Trades Are Not That Bad

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It is interesting to see how individual traders approach this business.  Of course there are different methods and ways to trade but I am talking about the mindset in regards to trading losses.  I think that is the number one criteria that can predict the ultimate success or failure of... Read moreread more

Do You Want To Trade Or Analyze?


Fundamental analysis.  Technical analysis. The debate that can rage between two traders on whether fundamental analysis trumps technical analysis can be entertaining.  You will see them hold tight to their opinions and you have to applaud their passion. At Netpicks, we understand the basic fundamentals of what we are trading... Read moreread more

Swing Trading Or Day Trading – 5 Questions

trading questions

As a company that develops trading systems for all types of traders, we often face the question of which style of trading is best.  People are looking for which direction they should go – swing trading or day trading. They also wonder if they need different trading strategies for both.... Read moreread more

Never Ignore These 10 Variables For Trading Focus

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Have you ever had trading sessions where when the ink is dry, you know you could have done better?  Maybe you missed a perfect trade setup, stepped outside your trading plan, or simply had a moment of fogginess where you drew a blank while starting at the charts. You are... Read moreread more

Using A Trading Log Or Just Winging It?

Trading Log

Without using a trading log to log your trading activity, you will have no clue if your trading strategy has a chance of working over the long term. How could you? You need data to back up the probability of your trading strategy and a trading log is the best... Read moreread more

Stop The Bad Habits That Will Kill Your Trading

bad habits trading

To be honest, I think most people who have bad habits in trading actually know the simple steps to take to change those habits into something more empowering. As a trader, if you know what you are doing wrong, often times the fix is quite easy although getting the motivation... Read moreread more