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3 Steps For Successful New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – the one where we all look back and think of the things we haven’t managed to achieve or habits we’d like to change. We resolve to do better in the coming year, set new goals, re-evaluate old goals and dig in to make… Read more

should you stop trading
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4 Ways To Know If You Should Cut Your Trading Day

There’s a lot to be said about human nature and how it applies to trading. One vastly important aspect to come to terms with is the instinct to keep hold of what we have. The problem with this comes when those days where conditions are ripe for a strategy transpire, it’s… Read more

Know Your entries exits and stops
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4 Strong Reasons For Having Trading Rules

Sometimes trading is tough. When markets are moving quickly, they can put your head in a spin and when you factor in the strong emotions that are likely to show up at these times, it’s no wonder that traders often end up tying themselves in knots. So employing a trading… Read more

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Why Multiple Time Frame Analysis Is Used By Winners

One thing you don’t want as a trader is tunnel vision which usually happens when a trader only focuses on one time frame. Multiple time frame analysis is where you take into consideration what is occurring on other time frames that may have an effect on your position. A reason… Read more

Profit Factor And Trading Plan Expectancy
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What Is Your Profit Factor And Trade Plan Expectancy

In this article, you are going to learn the minimum basic trading performance metrics that are required to adequately assess your back tested trade plan, trading system and track your progress as you trade it. As you shall see, win rate is important, but there are other factors that are… Read more

Explore Stock Option Trading
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5 Reasons You Should Trade Options

We are forever extolling the virtues of Options trading and for good reason.  You are able to make a play in a stock without every having to own the actual stock.  Consider the stock price of Google today:  $$778.22.  If I wanted to take advantage of a move in this… Read more

losing traders
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5 Things Losing Traders Don’t Do That Costs Them Money

There is a lot of value that can be obtained if we understand why there are so many losing traders. And, without question, the number of losing traders overwhelms that of those who are succeeding. In 2010, University of California, Berkeley released a report titled “Do Day Traders Rationally Learn… Read more

Review your trades
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Review Your Trades To Improve

Anybody who has seriously looked into trading the market has heard the familiar refrain, “psychology plays a huge part in your success”.  What does that mean? In essence, it means that the thoughts you have, the emotions you have, your “confidence quotient” and how you deal with them all, in… Read more

3 Volatility Indicators
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3 Volatility Indicators To Help You Trade Effectively

The natural rhythm of the market is not only trending and consolidation but we have to also deal with different types of volatility.  This is where understanding and using volatility indicators can help you trade more effectively and keep your expectations in check. Volatile periods in the markets can, in… Read more

growing trading account
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Realities of Growing Your Trading Account

Imagine for a moment that you have a trading system such as Counter Punch Trader and it’s now the time to start trading live.  This is assuming you’ve done all your homework and know how to trade the system, back tested your trading plan and have been involved in the… Read more