Basic Trading Strategies

Basic trading strategies focus primarily on technical indicator based trading. Typically basic trading strategies utilize one more more technical indicators in an effort to put the odds in our favor that a trading will head in a determined direction in the near term.

Never Ignore These 10 Variables For Trading Focus

Determined businessman concentrating hard on difficult computer task working late in office looking worried.?

Have you ever had trading sessions where when the ink is dry, you know you could have done better?  Maybe you missed a perfect trade setup, stepped outside your trading plan, or simply had a moment of fogginess where you drew a blank while starting at the charts. You are... Read moreread more

Using A Trading Log Or Just Winging It?

Trading Log

Without using a trading log to log your trading activity, you will have no clue if your trading strategy has a chance of working over the long term. How could you? You need data to back up the probability of your trading strategy and a trading log is the best... Read moreread more

Stop The Bad Habits That Will Kill Your Trading

bad habits trading

To be honest, I think most people who have bad habits in trading actually know the simple steps to take to change those habits into something more empowering. As a trader, if you know what you are doing wrong, often times the fix is quite easy although getting the motivation... Read moreread more

Success Tips For Your Trading Business

trading success

Success. It’s one of those words that is going to have a different meaning for everyone who seeks it. For some, it will be untold riches where the only decision to make is when to get out of bed in the morning. For others, it’s more modest.  Success for them... Read moreread more

5 Steps For A Successful Trading Journey

5 steps to a successful trading journey

Creating a trading plan and then trading it might see to be a simple enough thing. However, if you want to make a real go of trading it’s often a much more involved task. Simply turning up and trading a strategy may work sometimes, but in order to achieve a... Read moreread more

9 Ways To Handle Uncertainty In Trading


Humans are programmed to like certainty.  We’ve all had times where something that “should” have happened doesn’t and we all know that feeling of annoyance that creeps up.  If what happens is something we really didn’t want, well, annoyance blows into anger for some. Why do we get annoyed?  Because... Read moreread more

3 Steps For Successful New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year again – the one where we all look back and think of the things we haven’t managed to achieve or habits we’d like to change. We resolve to do better in the coming year, set new goals, re-evaluate old goals and dig in to make... Read moreread more

4 Ways To Know If You Should Cut Your Trading Day

should you stop trading

There’s a lot to be said about human nature and how it applies to trading. One vastly important aspect to come to terms with is the instinct to keep hold of what we have. The problem with this comes when those days where conditions are ripe for a strategy transpire, it’s... Read moreread more