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How To Trade Multiple Time Frames

multipe time frames for bigger picture

We live in a time where many on any given city street will have their heads buried in their smartphone. Totally oblivious to the world around them, some of these people have walked directly in front of oncoming traffic. Whether driving, walking or riding a bike, more and more people... Read moreread more

Using an Excel Trade Log

I was doing some work on a Trend Jumper trade plan for the British Pound Futures (6B/BP) and decided that it’d be a nice idea to share some of the work I’ve been doing in an Excel Trade Log at the same time. Netpicks already has a fantastic free trade log... Read moreread more

Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology

The Trading Book

“..her reputation for good ideas is second to none. She offers complete and detailed ideas around her strategy and then follows up with commentary on how trades performed.” – Howard Lindzon – Stock Twits founder When Netpicks heard these comments from Lindzon, we had to track Anne-Marie down and talk... Read moreread more

5 Perils of Learning from Other Traders

When you’re looking to master a new skill like trading, it’s only natural to see whether you can benefit and accelerate the learning process by learning from someone who has already been successful. There are of course no shortage of educators out there in the world of trading. But there... Read moreread more

What Is The Casino Paradigm

trade like a casino

Trading is difficult but it is still very possible to make money doing it. The question on the mind of everybody that takes up trading is: “How do I achieve the goal of making money”? What is required is adapting a successful existing business model to this speculative arena? The... Read moreread more

Dont Forget Momentum

which trade direction

Trading the trend is something that virtually every trader is told to do.  It makes sense because it stands to reason that getting on a position in the main direction of the market can rack up the money. The issue then becomes: How to identify the trend so you can... Read moreread more

Trade Entry Without Confirmation

trade confirmation

Trade entries are a much talked about trading topic and for good reason. A trade entry close to a turning point gives a great risk to reward ratio while one that requires confirmation, can lessen the ratio and decrease your position sizing. The problem is that often times it’s an... Read moreread more

Alternative ways to manage your stop in TJ

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew just how the market was going to behave at all times and what the best place to put our stop order was? If there was one place relative to our entry which would consistently maximize profits and minimize losses, trading would be far... Read moreread more

Trade Entries Using The Second Move


In my last post about trading exits, I pointed out that measured moves occur in markets in virtually every time frame. The reason these are a popular targeting method is because in general, price loves to do things in two’s. Double tops are formed by price trying to break to... Read moreread more

Use Market Conditions For Profit Targets

perfect price target

In this latest installment of trading exits for profits, I want to cover another simple way to place profit targets to exit your trades. We all know that markets travel in waves called impulsive and corrective waves. Impulse moves are with the trend and the corrective move is counter to... Read moreread more

Save your trading bullets

In a recent trade room session, a situation came up whereby a very clear reversal play came up that had the potential to make a good number of ticks if it played out. The trouble was that there were setups occurring before the scenario started to take shape. So an... Read moreread more

Use Unique Fibonacci For Profit Taking


In this next installment of how to trade your trading profits, we are going to head back to the years 1170-1240 of the days of Leonardo Bonacci. There’s no need to get into the history of Fibonacci as there is so much on the internet and in published material about the... Read moreread more

Fixed Profit Targets

fixed profit target exits

In this installment of trading exits, let’s look at probably one of the easiest no-brainer approaches to profit targets in trading. This method is going to assume that you already know, in advance, what your probable maximum loss in the trade is going to be. Why “probable“? Stop Orders Are Unique... Read moreread more

Learn How to Master the Art of Disciplined Trading

Success or failure is your choice

Perhaps the greatest challenge traders face is to trade disciplined in the face of adversity – drawdowns, trading losses, lack of success. It’s easy to become rattled as a trader, lose confidence and ultimately lose money. In this video we identify the many causes of this problem and then show... Read moreread more

Your Stop Feeds Other Traders Accounts

running stops

If I told you that the stop you place in the market is needed so the bigger fish can trade, how would you feel?  Would you believe it? One of the first things we are told about trading is that without having a stop in the market, you are one... Read moreread more