Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology

“..her reputation for good ideas is second to none. She offers complete and detailed ideas around her strategy and then follows up with commentary on how trades performed.”Howard Lindzon – Stock Twits founder

When Netpicks heard these comments from Lindzon, we had to track Anne-Marie down and talk to her about her book “The Trading Book”

You don’t have to be a professional trader to win big trading the markets.

That’s what Anne-Marie Baiynd learned when she changed her career from neuroscience researcher to full-time momentum trader.

Self-taught, Anne-Marie had failures early in her trading career and she wants to share with you what she did to overcome those challenges.

Not only overcome but to forge ahead to become a successful trader and be interviewed as  one of the “World’s Most Successful Traders” by Tim Bourquin

Now she teaches other traders how to master the market using her proven combination of analytical and psychology.

In this free interview, let Anne-Marie help you:

  • Master the power of technical trading
  • Increase profits using probabilities and pattern recognition
  • Focus on precision trading for consistent results
  • Discover the benefits of waves and fib
  • Embrace the habits of highly effective traders

So sit back and see why reviewer Leslie Masonson from the magazine “Futures” said that “Baiynd provides a very “actionable and pragmatic approach to day trading”