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patience in trading
May30 Share

Lesson In Trading Patience

Patience is a virtue right? In this day and age of instant gratification, people in general have a hard time having to wait for anything. What happens when people don’t get the instant results they are unrealistically looking for? Frustration sets in and they head off in another direction hoping… Read more

May26 Share

Use Market Structure Like A Pro

We have all heard of the old adage….”sell at resistance and buy at support” which is another way of saying to trade market structure. Obviously it is contextual because if price is charging towards a resistance level are you really going to just going to market short? Of course not… Read more

one trick trading pony
May22 Share

One Trick Trading Pony

Every trader knows that having a trading plan is vital to success and though it won’t guarantee it, it certainly is an important document. The trading plan includes your method, risk, types of markets you will trade and even how you will withdraw your funds. Without even a basic “How… Read more

trading markets
May18 Share

What Market Should You Trade

If you think that you can take your day trading strategy and apply it to any old market, think again. The importance of market selection is something that many people simply do not recognize. It does not fall into the top three areas that people say you should focus on: … Read more

multipe time frames for bigger picture
May14 Share

How To Trade Multiple Time Frames

We live in a time where many on any given city street will have their heads buried in their smartphone. Totally oblivious to the world around them, some of these people have walked directly in front of oncoming traffic. Whether driving, walking or riding a bike, more and more people… Read more

trading success
May10 Share

Trading Success Depends On You

We live in a world where failure to achieve something is believed to be due to the actions of another. A new movement rises virtually every day that takes the burden off your shoulders and says the problem lies outside of your control. My personal view is that equal is… Read more

become a trader
May06 Share

It Takes Effort To Become A Trader

The desire to reach a level where you’re making money on a consistent basis can be a frustrating and often disheartening business. There’s a certain stage in a trader’s career where they know a fair bit about trading and yet somehow they just can’t seem to make money overall. Some… Read more

trading questions
May02 Share

Don’t Ask These Trading Questions

Ever hear that if you want a meaningful answer, you need to ask the right question? I am not talking simply about the way most successful approach problem solving questions. The average person will ask “How can I make more money?” Those that succeed ask “How can I average 15-20%… Read more

trading plan questions
Apr30 Share

Trading Questions You Must Answer

There is a lot of trading information that is available through a simple Google search. You can find out about trading indicators, price patterns, price action and even background on fundamentals. It is quite possible to piece all of this information together and come up with a strategy of how… Read more

Apr26 Share

Instincts Can Destroy Your Trading

Some of the most common trading errors people make – impulse trading, rejecting legitimate setups, exiting profitable trades too early etc. – are fairly easy to identify. When we look back on certain trades it seems so clear why we should have followed our trading plan and not done this… Read more