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trading setups scan
Apr21 Share

Potential Trading Setups Scan

My ritual for intra-day and swing trading is pretty much the same.  I scan charts, look for certain trading setups and conditions, then the appropriate action is taken. While swing trading involves longer term charts, the plays on the smaller time frames for day trading are influenced, in part, by… Read more

money in a noose
Apr18 Share

The pitfalls of fading market levels

With the good amount of movement that has been seen of late, comes an increased number of level tests by the markets. It is therefore, not too surprising that traders see these tests as opportunities to fade the market direction (take a trade at the level in the hope that… Read more

secrets to swing trade exits
Apr15 Share

Secret Of Swing Trade Exits

I’ve recently run a series of trading posts that used actual live Forex swing trades to hammer home points in the articles. In 4 Simple Trading Tools, I talked about simple concepts and trading patterns that you can build your trading career upon. Stand By Your Trading Choices was all… Read more

simple trading
Apr13 Share

4 Simple Trading Tools

Over the years, much has been written in these trading articles about how simple trading can be yet, is not easy. It’s not just a play on words but hammers home that the work you do to find trades, manage risk, and other variables that make up the act of… Read more

fear decision, businessman with very afraid, man in white shirt
Apr12 Share

How losing trades can affect your next trade

I’m sat here reading a post by a ‘trading coach’ and I’m a little bit troubled by what I see. It’s not that what’s been written doesn’t make sense – I understand what’s being said – but it’s written in a manner that I believe is likely to be quite… Read more

trading choices
Apr09 Share

Stand By Your Trading Choices

You make your trading choice and live by the saying “whatever will be, will be”. Easier said than done of course but an extremely important part of finding any success in this business. So what does this mean? It means to stand by your choices you make in your trading… Read more

Girl Walking Elephant And Animals In Nature
Apr03 Share

How other markets can influence your trading decisions

Yesterday a very important aspect of trading came up in the EU trade room and I wanted to take the time to discuss it in a little more detail. Similar markets tend to move in a similar way, but changing the way you trade because of them is something that… Read more

Apr02 Share

Boring Trading Routine

“Trading must be exciting!”  When pushed further, this person thought that you pushed a few buttons and simply closed trades while adding money to your account.  Sounds like someone was caught up in the ATM description often used to describe the newest trading system. Then again, thinking back to the… Read more

Lighting Decor
Mar28 Share

Trading Ideas for the Weekend

Trading Ideas For me personally, it has always been a useful exercise for the weekend to muse on trading ideas I’ve come across during the week or have resurfaced somewhere from the depths of my mind. It gets me thinking in different ways and can inspire a degree of creativity,… Read more

winding road
Mar25 Share

Ignore Your Trading Goal

In the trading world, it’s usually not the actual activity of placing a trade that is the problem.  That’s the easy part. The hard part is when you are on the path to placing trades that have an actual edge…and you can do it consistently keeping in mind risk parameters… Read more