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Iron Condors For slow market trading
Oct24 Share

Grind Out Profits In Slow Markets With Iron Condors

“The market has to go lower from here.”  “We can’t continue to make new all time highs on a daily basis.”  “There is no way I’m playing the market to move higher from here.” These are all comments that we’ve heard from traders  pretty much since we opened Netpicks over 20… Read more

risk management and position sizing for your trading career
Oct20 Share

Does Risk Management Really Matter When Trading?

Why should you bother with risk management in your trading career? Because focusing on risk management can be a complete game changer to your portfolio especially when it applies to position sizing. The numbers do not lie; Fail to respect risk % and position sizing and you will have a… Read more

attitude for trading success
Oct16 Share

Your Attitude Is The Defining Factor For Success

This is the second half of the Trading Success Formula article I have written. I went over what I believe (and history has shown) is the most critical part of finding success with not only trading, but with anything you venture out to do with your life. Most of us… Read more

trading success equation
Oct11 Share

Trading Success Formula

When I hear from traders, which generally means emails about trading success, there are a few things I am in tune with. These “things” help to make it is easy to spot the ones who are worth the effort (in my humble opinion) to spend the time responding with a… Read more

4 keys to following your trade plan
Oct07 Share

4 keys to following your trade plan

So many traders who’ve yet to find their trading consistency, struggle to follow a trade plan that has a trading edge. In fact it could well be that they don’t even have a trading plan. But let me tell now – if you can find a way that will allow… Read more

Focus On Trading Process
Oct03 Share

Focus On Trading Process And Not Results

In conversations with new traders about trading and the trading process, I am often reminded that what they are experiencing is the same thing that I had experienced in the early days. Actually, it’s probably what 99% of new traders experience when they first open a chart and learn about… Read more

counter punch trader
Sep28 Share

How Did Counter Punch Trader Change Joes Life?

There is a saying that goes, “trust, but verify” and that can be quite difficult in the world of trading.  Each day, inboxes are full of promises and “get rich next week” type of marketing that understandably can cause a person to red flag any type of promotion of a… Read more

news releases can be traded
Sep23 Share

Here Is How To Trade After Major News Events

We are living in times where we are seeing major news events occurring quite frequently.  Whether it’s an attack in New York or floods in different parts of the world, as traders, we must be acutely aware that these events can happen any time during the day or night. If… Read more

set your stop loss orders
Sep19 Share

Here Are 2 Quick Ways To Set Your Stop Loss Order

Traders will obsess over their trade entry but won’t give a second thought to where they will place their stop loss. If we can agree that managing your trading risk is  job #1 for a trader, then we can agree that it’s vital to know when to get out of… Read more

Sep15 Share

Avoid Freezing When Trades Turn On You

A trader inevitably will face situations where they’ve missed certain information or acted rashly and subsequently found themselves in losing trades that forces them to make difficult decisions. This can happen for a variety of reasons – it can be through lack of preparation or concentration or through impulsive trading… Read more