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Futures trading software for your trading business

Trading is a business and like many businesses, you need tools to help you in your business.  If you are a Futures trader, you have no doubt looked into Futures trading software and wondered exactly what it is you require. The trading software you will need will depend on what… Read more

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Do You Need More Trading Discipline?

Unfortunately, it’s commonplace for traders to regularly lose money by trading in a manner which they know they shouldn’t be. When markets change their type of activity and start moving quickly for example, traders who are slow to adapt to these shifts can get caught out and in the frustration… Read more

swing trade mistake
Aug21 Share

Forex Swing Trade Error

I messed up on a swing trade and it cost me money. The hardest part of the entire event is that I know better and have written about it many times in these trading tips blog posts. Yes the trade made money which is much better than taking a loss… Read more

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Aug17 Share

An Example of the Power of Trading Context

Trading context is an incredibly powerful but often underused principle. It is what will help to guide you to taking your setups at the right moments. Some will use market filters and at their heart, they’re used with the same objectives in mind – to cut out trades occurring when market conditions… Read more

Forex trading tools
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4 Important Forex Trading Tools

Unlike the traders of yesteryear, today’s market participants have a huge selection of Forex trading tools at their disposal.  As a matter of fact, the selection can be overwhelming at times so it’s important to dial it down to simple categories and decide what fits your needs. The only way… Read more

day trader training
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Day Trading Training

You’ve seen people make money in the markets and now you are looking for day trading training to get you started on the path to profits. Whether you are buying trading books, investing in trading courses, or even buying trading systems, you are taking steps to improve your ability to… Read more

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Forex Trading Tips

Forex is one of the most popular markets experienced and beginning traders take part in.  With low initial deposits, free trading software, and virtually 24 hours access, it’s extremely tempting for people to jump in with both feet without having much in the way of trader training. This page is… Read more

focus on trading
Aug08 Share

3 Most Useful Day Trading Indicators

Trading indicators are often touted as the holy grail of trading but that is simply not true.  They are a useful trading tool that should be used in conjunction with a well rounded trading plan but are not the plan itself. In this article I will cover: The uses of trading… Read more

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Aug07 Share

Staying Out of Market Chop

Staying out of market chop is something that could save a lot of traders a lot of money. So recognizing when and where the chop might happen is a crucial skill to develop. There was a fantastic example of this on Thursday in the FTSE on what was dubbed Super… Read more

Best Times to Trade
Aug06 Share

Choosing the Best Time to Trade Futures

One big issue that I’ve found frequently comes up when talking to traders, is when they are tracking market behavior they fail to differentiate between primary sessions and overnight sessions for futures products. Now of course, it can be useful to chart a 24-hour or full electronic exchange session. However, charting… Read more