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trading questions
May02 Share

Don’t Ask These Trading Questions

Ever hear that if you want a meaningful answer, you need to ask the right question? I am not talking simply about the way most successful approach problem solving questions. The average person will ask “How can I make more money?” Those that succeed ask “How can I average 15-20%… Read more

trading plan questions
Apr30 Share

Trading Questions You Must Answer

There is a lot of trading information that is available through a simple Google search. You can find out about trading indicators, price patterns, price action and even background on fundamentals. It is quite possible to piece all of this information together and come up with a strategy of how… Read more

Apr26 Share

Instincts Can Destroy Your Trading

Some of the most common trading errors people make – impulse trading, rejecting legitimate setups, exiting profitable trades too early etc. – are fairly easy to identify. When we look back on certain trades it seems so clear why we should have followed our trading plan and not done this… Read more

trend lines
Apr22 Share

Define Your Trend Line Drawing Rules

Give a trader a peak or a trough and they will find a way to draw trend lines that may or may not have any use in their trading. Like most forms of technical analysis, trend lines are often abused, misused, and for the most part are not drawn with… Read more

trading psychology
Apr18 Share

Psychological Perfect Storm In Trading

Back in 1991, several conditions occurred that created an unusual storm that not only took some lives, but also had caused over $200 million in damages. Most famous are the 6 lives that were lost and highlighted in the movie “The Perfect Storm.” The act of trading also adds in… Read more

excellence in trading
Apr15 Share

Trade Management Excellence

Have you ever met someone that is really good at something? Not just marginally good but better at something than anybody else you know? Maybe that someone is you. Being exceptional at something is a gift (usually a product of hard work) and kudos to those people that attempt to… Read more

scale out trading profits
Apr12 Share

Scale Out Trading Profits

To scale or not to scale out your trading profits, that is the question. The answer though depends on you and what your priority is in trading. In my swing trading of the currency markets, many times I take some profits off the table and keep them safe in the… Read more

Apr09 Share

Don’t Complicate Your Trading

The level at which trading becomes over-complicated is certainly the subject of debate. It depends very much on the individual and their capacity. You know, when people say the simplest solutions are often the best, I have to smile a little bit. They are absolutely correct in my opinion although… Read more

trading opportunity
Apr06 Share

Don’t Miss Planned Trades

To miss planned trades that turn out to be fantastic winners is perhaps one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a trader. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line and leave you with a bruised ego if you don’t have enough emotional capital built… Read more

trading tweaks
Apr03 Share

2 Simple Trading Tweaks To Ease Your Mind

We have all heard and probably experienced that your mind can be the deciding factor in your trading success or failure. Some will go as far as saying that the edge you really have is yourself regardless of your trading system. Sound far-fetched? Not really. There are quite a few… Read more