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Forex Update – USDCAD

I mentioned quite a bit of information about the Forex pair USDCAD recently and I want to return to what I had talked about and update where we are now on the trading chart. The USD has been quite strong against the CAD and has presented some magnificent long trade… Read more

Increase profit concept. Businessman plan (predict) profit growth represented by graph.
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Respect Your Equity Curve

One of the biggest problems for certain types of trader is not the ability to make money, but the ability to take losers way bigger than are planned for. The issue with this is, the big loser you take every so often has a big impact on your expectancy and… Read more

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Trade Triggers & The Importance Of How You Enter A Trade

Imagine for a moment that you have plotted out a trading zone on your chart and that is the area you will need to see price visit before entering a position.  Maybe it’s a confluence of factors such as price pivots, a moving average, measured pullback via Fibonacci and a… Read more

A stock exchange board and clocks showing times in different cities
Jul25 Share

Charting the Right Session Times in Futures

One big issue that I’ve found frequently comes up when talking to traders, is when they are tracking market behavior they fail to differentiate between primary sessions and overnight sessions for futures products. Now of course, it can be useful to chart a 24-hour or full electronic exchange session. However,… Read more

your trading stop-loss
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Define your loss or your loss will define your career

I like to think of myself as a risk manger first and a trader second.  This ensures that I never forget the importance of a stop-loss when entering any trading position. If you think that how you manage risk will, in part, define how you succeed in trading, you already… Read more

Jul20 Share

Why Forex Is a Stellar Choice

When people find out you are a trader, the first question usually asked is “what market do you trade? Stocks?”   Most people understand stock trading, less understand Futures trading but when I mention “Forex”, a puzzled expression crosses their brow and I am almost always forced to tell them that… Read more

What’s a 1 tick fail - ES example
Jul18 Share

What’s a 1 tick fail?

Something that frequently comes up in the EU Trade Room is the possibility of a market moving to test a price and failing to move beyond it by more than 1 tick. So I thought it’d be useful to describe what a 1 tick fail really is and why it’s… Read more

Jul16 Share

Story Of The USDCAD Forex Chart

I am very interested in anything related to the CAD or the Canadian dollar since I live in Canada. Not only do I hold a USD bank account but also hold a long position(s) in the USDCAD Forex pair buying on certain types of dips. We’ve had a contraction in… Read more

Jul12 Share

Be A Great Loser

In it to win it!  Without question, every single person reading this is trading to be a winner.  After all, who enjoys losing in anything? Sure, society has turned to participation medals just for showing up and it doesn’t even matter if you actually gave any effort.  In the end… Read more

Business man holding electricity light bolt in his hands concept
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Market Energy Created by Anticipation of News

It’s been pretty hard to miss the whole Greece saga that’s currently going on right now. The potential deals that fade away at the last minute, sudden referenda and the threat of a “Grexit” that some see as inevitable. The opportunities should be rife for day traders with so much… Read more