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May20 Share

Four Areas You Must Cover

Throughout my relationship with Netpicks, I have communicated with many traders and those who entertain visions of becoming a profitable trader.  What is quite staggering is the number of people who are not equipped for the road leading to trading success. What do I mean by equipped for trading? It’s… Read more

May17 Share

Can Price Structure And Action Lead The Way

With all the trading indicators that are available and their ease of use (not usually successfully though), it is easy to forget that simple still works. Let’s not confuse simple with being easy though but in this instance I want to use simple in terms of price action and structure…. Read more

Emotion Or Logic Concept.
May16 Share

Chart Pattern Logic

In my last post I wrote about Recognizing the Potential of Chart Patterns. In it I try to illustrate the importance of how a chart pattern is configured and which direction you should be looking for the market to move in next. There’s another important concept I want to elaborate… Read more

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May13 Share

What Would You Wish For

I recently read a book about wishes. Not so much about making them but more about fixing something before it is broken in your life. So, it got me thinking. Most of you reading this are going to end up on the sidelines of the trading world. That is a… Read more

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May09 Share

Recognizing the Potential of Chart Patterns

A little while ago, I went through how to spot a good chart pattern and where I think some people make mistakes. You can grab this post if you want a full recap at When do Candlestick Patterns Really Work? What I’ve noticed since then is that people in the… Read more

trading support and resistance playbook
May08 Share

Not In My Playbook

When you write trading tips for a blog, you often wonder if people read them and act of the information that is presented.  Receiving emails is a great way to know you are contributing to the trading world in some small way. I received an email from a reader named… Read more

A price chart doesn’t always tell you everything - hidden information
May03 Share

A price chart doesn’t always tell you everything

The last couple of EU trade room sessions this week have been interesting ones. There was a lot of movement in the markets and therefore, some great trading opportunities. In particular, the FTSE was moving in an interesting manner which isn’t what we always see. Even though there’s nothing to… Read more

Apr29 Share

Trading Rules And Conditions Apply

Having a set of trading rules and conditions that you look for when searching out trading opportunities is really one of the keys to success. It doesn’t matter if you use a 80-90% mechanical system like Counterpunch or DST from Netpicks that plots out the opportunity or you use a… Read more

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Apr27 Share

Do you make this huge trading mistake?

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly how someone else interprets trading knowledge and whether they truly understand the implications of it. Sometimes it takes a chance conversation in order to pick apart just how differently your own interpretation may be. This week I was lucky enough to have… Read more

trading setups scan
Apr21 Share

Potential Trading Setups Scan

My ritual for intra-day and swing trading is pretty much the same.  I scan charts, look for certain trading setups and conditions, then the appropriate action is taken. While swing trading involves longer term charts, the plays on the smaller time frames for day trading are influenced, in part, by… Read more