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Think You Are A Trader?

I recently watched an episode of a show called “Suits”. In this particular episode, one of the lawyers represented someone in court that deals with residential issues. He initially lost the case but the point is that he was an actual lawyer (in the show) representing someone in court. We all know that it takes… read more

Screen Time Means Nothing

I have written about this subject before here, but I felt compelled to revisit it. If there’s one thing that I repeatedly hear that makes me cringe, it’s the idea that screen time = experience. I heard it again today and had to hold myself back from ‘clearing the matter up’. In fact, I also… read more

Is It Really Those Who Cant Trade, Teach?

One of the common questions that gets asked is “if traders are successful, why do they teach or offer courses?” Fair question and before I answer with my thoughts on that, let me ask you a question. If you enjoy working with children and enjoy sports, would you: Turn down a request to coach a… read more

How to Know When to Stop Trading

Let’s face it.  We would all be better traders if we only knew when to stop trading each session.  Before I discovered NetPicks, (and even quite a bit longer, because I stubbornly held onto old, wrong ideas) I wound up giving back a lot of my trade profits.  It felt worse giving back hard won… read more

Trading ISIMS For A Trading Career

Trading ISIMS For A Trading Career from Netpicks on Vimeo. Over the years you hear many trading ism’s that many times are hard to follow. Think of “riding the trend until it bends” and you will know what I mean. Seriously, how many of you have been on the winning side of huge moves only… read more

Learn to Trade Futures With the M6E

Trading futures is an inherently risky business and when a new trader starts out, they soon learn that fortunes can be made or lost on the initially reasonable sounding tick size of somewhere around the $10-15 mark for many products. Trading a single contract can be damaging enough for a new account and when you… read more

Do You Want This Position

I want to go back to something Marty Schwartz said that actually occurred this past week for me. It is something that I struggled with when I started trading, not so much now and when the opportunity to jump was there this week, I continued to exercise something that can keep you on the winning… read more