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$106,000 Trading Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Do you understand your risk on every option position that you put on Are you comfortable with the worst possible outcome if the absolute worst scenario happens? These are important questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. In our Options Academy training room we talk about maximum risk on… Read more

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Trading When a Major News Event Hits the Wires

If you’ve ever been trading when a major news event hits the wires, you’ll realize that markets can be heavily impacted. Interpreting the information and whether to adjust your tactics or not can be crucial to ensuring that you don’t lose control of the situation and let go of your… Read more

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Swing Trading With MACD Insight

I made a piece on using the MACD modified into the 3/10 oscillator and mentioned I would show a real life and recent example. Swing trading Forex is something I’ve been doing for quite a while and living in Canada, my favorite currency pairing to swing trade is the USDCAD…. Read more

Trading 3/10 oscillator
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MACD Modified To 3/10 Oscillator

The MACD indicator is very useful when thinking of it in terms of momentum and trend and not as a holy grail. There are many settings that can be used and I prefer to use the settings that reflect the 3/10 oscillator (Raschke). While you can simply input the numbers… Read more

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Habits and Trading Feedback Loops

Forming good habits and breaking old ones is important to anyone who is trying to become good at something. Whether it be becoming a concert pianist or giving up smoking. Trading is no different. If you want to become excellent at what you do and create a long-term sustainable living… Read more

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Nov12 Share

Can The MACD Change Your Trading

One of the first indicators I ever experimented with was the Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD) indicator. It was used on a higher time frame to identify the direction to trade on the lower time frame. Depending on the condition of the indicator, I would also use it to… Read more

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1 Simple Step To Follow For More Profits

Thinking all the way back to grade school one of the things I used to hate was when teachers would force us to keep a journal. Even though it was over 20 years ago I can still remember getting really annoyed that I was forced to sit at my desk… Read more

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Nov07 Share

How Markets Respond to Support and Resistance Levels

Part of the problem with how people use support and resistance is that although most are aware of the different basic ways a market can respond to a technical level, they often are not taking it into account when executing around a level. A market does not have to instantly… Read more

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Failure Test Trade Setup In Action

I love to receive emails from traders especially when they are talking about something specific I had written. Even better is when what you have written about has paid off for them. This is a simple price action trade setup that appears in virtually every single time frame. The higher… Read more

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Why you must factor in Trading Mistakes

If you day trade, just by the sheer number of trades that you’re likely to take over time, it’s incredibly likely that you will make trading mistakes. People new to trading are particularly prone to mistakes. They might not be fully competent with their software or not understand the potential… Read more