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trading range and break out
Jun29 Share

The Chart Is All You Need

I want to continue on with my look back on some of the pearls of wisdom from Richard Donchian.  There are so many things that were valid decades ago that are still applicable to the trading of today. My first look can be found at: These two Donchian wisdom’s… Read more

A Better Understanding of Breakouts - Shifting Gears
Jun27 Share

A Better Understanding of Breakouts

A conversation I recently had with a trader highlighted the need to clarify precisely what a breakout is although I have written a little on breakouts before. The problem is that there’s some degree of confusion about this and probably a reasonable amount of poor information out there that relates… Read more

run with your trading goal
Jun22 Share

Run With The Trading Goal

We live in times where downsizing and job losses happen on a daily basis.  Losing a job can be very traumatic especially if you are in your middle years as opportunities seem to go to the younger crowd. I’ve read many articles where people in their 40’s and early 50’s… Read more

trading myths
Jun16 Share

Don’t Believe The Myths

Like many of you, I started trading by picking up pieces here and there through books, internet and the many forums that populate cyberspace.  The absolute worst were the forums. I admit there were a few good things but overall, it was fluff and those that wrote it, usually were… Read more

Trading Tilt - Danger Slippery Slope
Jun14 Share

Trading Tilt

Many will have heard of tilt in poker, but tilt in trading is probably far more devastating if not handled well and it can take a long time to recover from the consequences. Trading tilt is a phenomenon which tends to affect traders who are more active in the markets… Read more

thinking trader
Jun13 Share

Trading Wisdom From Yesteryear

I personally find the stories of traders such as those found in the Market Wizards books such an enjoyable read. Even better are the stories from those that were in the trading trenches long before we had the technology that we do today. Even many of the popular trading indicators… Read more

Jun09 Share

Success Is Dictated By Behavior

Gym owners love the beginning of every year when those with “get in shape” resolutions come knocking at their membership desks.  For a while, the gym is packed with new and longer term members and it can get frustrating for those who have made training a lifestyle. The good thing… Read more

Don't Miss Planned Trades - Slow Snail
Jun06 Share

Don’t Miss Planned Trades

To miss planned trades that turn out to be fantastic winners is perhaps one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a trader. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line and leave you with a bruised ego if you don’t have enough emotional capital built… Read more

trading success
Jun04 Share

What George Can Teach About Trading

In the words of George Michael, “You gotta have faith”. Even though George was probably not a trader, he seems to understand the power of faith when you are seeking anything in life. When I say anything in life, trading success is not excluded. Of course having faith does not… Read more

Alternative ways to manage your stop in TJ
May30 Share

Alternative ways to manage your stop in TJ

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew just how the market was going to behave at all times and what the best place to put our stop order was? If there was one place relative to our entry which would consistently maximize profits and minimize losses, trading would be far… Read more