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automated forex trading software
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Forex Trading Software And Currency Charts

With the explosion in currency trading, Forex trading software has evolved from simple broker charts and Forex robots all the way to fully automated trading applications that make it easy for anybody to enter the market. The number of advancements can boggle the mind but we can break them down into the… Read more

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Are you missing out on big profits by using time based charts?

In trading it can seem like we are on a never ending quest to find the magic formula for consistent profits. Once you are involved with the markets for a stretch, it can seem like you have heard and seen it all. I reached this point about 5 years ago… Read more

a red neon open sign on black background
Oct03 Share

Reading the EuroStoxx Market Open

Staying in touch with market context can be critical if you’re going to align the setups that you take with what a market is trying to do. The open is potentially a very important time of a trading day to identify the initial context and reaction to that context. So… Read more

Oct01 Share

Simplify your trading with Market Internals

As some of you know, I post market updates and trade ideas on Twitter throughout the day. In many cases, I include screenshots of things I’m looking at. I have started to get some questions on the tools that I use, so I thought it would be a good idea… Read more

Alternative ways to manage your stop in TJ
Sep29 Share

Top Stocks to Trade for Fall/Winter 2015

o With thousands of stocks and ETF’s available to trade how do you know which ones to look at? Does it seem like there is a new hot name every day you turn on CNBC or Bloomberg? It drives me crazy when I see people chasing the big name in… Read more

View of storm seascape
Sep26 Share

Ride the Drawdown Storm

It’s almost inevitable. You get a rise in market volatility and you see folks get hurt. Markets move faster, further and change direction quicker than people have become used to. For traders who aren’t prepared, this can spell disaster. Not only do they face a run of poor of results,… Read more

watch list image
Sep25 Share

How to simplify your trading with a good Watch List

How do you know which stocks/ETF’s should be on your watch list? How many names should be on your watch list? These are common questions asked by traders looking to swing trade. With literally thousands of stocks available to trade, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones… Read more

Sep24 Share

How to Use Position Sizing to Boost Trading Profits

One of the topics that comes up quite often with our Options Mastery students has to do with knowing what type of position size to use when placing trades. Whether you are swing trading or day trading this topic is always a tricky one. Many courses and instructors encourage using… Read more

trade like a casino
Sep23 Share

What Is The Casino Paradigm

Trading is difficult but it is still very possible to make money doing it. The question on the mind of everybody that takes up trading is: “How do I achieve the goal of making money“? What is required is adapting a successful existing business model to this speculative arena. The… Read more

Sep22 Share

Using Crazy Market Volatility to Your Advantage

With market volatility picking up over the last 6 weeks, it’s really important to make sure your trading toolbox is ready to profit from whatever the market throws your way. While many newer traders are focused on playing market upside exclusively, experienced traders know that there is actually more opportunity… Read more