What’s Your Retirement Number?

Have Enough to Retire?

This simple formula will calculate how much you need to retire.

This is the million dollar question…

Do I have enough to retire?

Well, like anything in the world, you can make this easy or hard.  Today, I’m going to keep this as simple as possible…

1 Minute to Calculate Your Retirement Goal

Ok, here we go.  How much money every month do you need to retire?

Write that amount down.  Let’s say it’s $5,000.

Now take $5,000 and Multiply it by 12 to get your annual expenditures.

So: 5,000 x 12 = 60,000  If you’re going to need $60,000 a year to retire… that means you’ll need $1.2 million in savings.  How’d I get to that number?

Dividend Stock Portfolio

I figured a good portfolio of dividend stocks should payout about 5% per year… so I divided $60,000 by 5%.

In other words: 60,000 / 0.05 = 1,200,000

That’s what you need to retire – all calculated in 1 minute.  Your retirement number is $1.2 million.

How much do you THINK you need to retire?  Have you actually done the calculations… or how’d you get to your number? Comment below and let me know what you think you need to save!

By the way, In my next article “7 Minutes to Calculate a Real Retirement Savings Goal” I’ll share a more detailed description…

I’ll show you a more precise way to figure out what your retirement number really needs to be… for most people, it’s a lot less than $1.2 million.

My Personal Retirement Stocks

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  • Ellen Karnwie

    Read the information on your web site.it was educational.it give me good information on how much I need to retire and how much to save each month to retire comfortably. I would like to know more.please let me know if there’s more classes coming up.Thank you.

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