Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

Last updated on May 12th, 2020

“I find your service is excellent. Thanks for the picks.” L.R.

“Great short on the OEX today….the past two weeks were great. Thanks, NetPicks!” – B. M.

“Thanks for your help. You guys are great!” – D. M.

“Gotta tell you – love your picks; they have been so accurate and making me real money.” – W.B.

“My compliments on the CMVT pick. Thanks for the trading ideas.” – S.L.

“This is a great service! Keep me on board.” W.K.

“I enjoy your service and I think it offers spectacular value.” J.C.

“Thank you for all your great advice.” J.A.

“Your service is really tremendous. It’s an ongoing education. Thanks.” J.K.

“I have been a member for a month and I must say I thoroughly enjoy and profit from the information you provide. Great work.” A.S.

“According to CNN, the Nasdaq qualified for the worst bear market year since 1974. Yet my investments have increased 80% year to date (through 11/22/00), truly amazing performance and all thanks to NetPicks.” G.R.

“Hello – what can I say? Quite a month. I was in your ARBA, CIEN, HGSI and INSP trades this past week and needless to say I’ve added a zero onto the right side of my account balance. Thank you!” M.S.

“I find your information and services one of the most informative on the internet and among the best that I use.” D.J.

“The past two weeks have been great in the DayTrader.” B.M.

“Thanks for all the great information you provide us.” T.D.

“I want to thank you for your analysis of the overall emotional condition of the market as well as your daily stock and option picks. While other commentaries shy away from giving any recommendations during this turbulent time you folks have been producing profitable trades. Congratulations on producing short term winners (short or long) when others are only taking a ‘back seat.'” M.C.

“Your service is great, thank you for many great recommendations.” N.W.

“I have found that your morning and evening advisories are a gem and no competitor is even close.” S.G.

“You have a great service and I’m enjoying being a paid subscriber.” B.B.

“I have told many of my friends about your service. It is the Greatest.” C.O.

“I would like to compliment you on many profitable trades. I find your commentary insightful and your choices well studied. I’m looking forward to many new trades under your trained eye.” K.M.

“Received your recommendations this morning and followed them during the day, I must admit I was surprised that all of them did well. If this is what to expect from your service you may have a subscriber for life. Keep up the good work.” F.P.

“Thank you so much for your instruction, recommendations, and commentaries. What a learning experience for a new trader. Your service is well worth the cost and I recommend it to all traders and investors.” J.W.

“As for your service all I can say is I think you are an awesome trader, timer and all around good company. I have watched a lot of different operations and yours is the most incredible. Thanks again for all I have learned.” D.W.

“I have been a subscriber to your service for two years now and don’t write enough to say ‘Thank you.’ So, I’m doing that now. I’ve not only learned a lot from you, but have also made money. I appreciate all that you do.” S.M.

“Keep up the exceptional work.” D.C.

“I have been very pleased with your daily reports and have made money using them.” C.F.

“What a terrific job you have done with your web-site. It is, by far, the best option trading advisory site that I have seen.” C.W.

“Thanks and keep up the work on your great service! I’ve already made more than the subscription amount in trades the past few days!” N.W.

“On the first play I made $1200 (60%) on a TERN option play in three market days. Still in on MRVC with some Aug calls and that is looking good. Thanks for your service!” T.J.

“I just want to say that I have enjoyed tremendous success using the concepts and picks in your daily newsletter.” J.R.

“I’ve been most impressed by your service and it has definitely had a positive impact on my investing.” J.H.

“Thank you for all the money you have made me and what you have taught.” W.G.

“I have been trading along with your Sector Service and it’s fantastic.” D.K.

“I really enjoy learning this “art form” of trading. The market is just fascinating, exciting and quite a rush. You do a great job and its a pleasure to be affiliated with your company.” R.G.

“Love your new format and have done well trading your recommendations lately.” T.R.

“I will certainly be subscribing once my trial is up. In just a few days I have been impressed mightily. You people seem to be both highly astute and immensely prudent. I like the combination.” R.M.

“I wanted to again to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I could go on and on about the value of the services and appreciate the educational aspects and of course, the profit potential. This is a fantastic service and very important part of my life and day’s routine. I find myself scheduling my activities around your publication schedules!” D.W.

“I want to say I am impressed with your customer service. You have always replied to all my questions in a courteous and prompt way. You have always answered thoroughly. Thanks again and let’s now make some money!” R.W.

“I traded the MRK March 120 calls. I got in at 3 5/8 and sold at 5 3/4. Made 2 1/8 in one day. Times 7 contract is a nice days work. Thanks!” S.C.

“I have been a subscriber for over two years. I can’t say enough how excellent you all are. You’ve taught me a lot, and made me a lot. Thanks again.” S.M.

“You have been great with communicating through the last few days of this market; I would call it Great Customer Service.” J.S.

“I’m really enjoying your service. Keep up the good work!” B.C.

“Thanks for the two week free trial, it assured me of the quality of the service offered.” B.A.

“Please continue sending NetPicks. Your system really works.” E.W.

“Hello, I use your service for few months and find it very profitable and clear.” S.S.

“I can’t wait each night for your advisory to arrive and start getting my trades lined up for the morning. Please continue my subscription for another three months. You guys are great.” M.B., Florida

“Absolutely, positively the best value I will ever subscribe to. Your service will save me hundreds of hours of research and hopefully make me thousands of dollars.” C.K., Illinois

“Yes! Continue my subscription. I just sold ASND for a $700 profit!” K.E., Arizona

“About two weeks ago you responsed to my dilemma about having bought 189 calls of MSFT and MSFT was not moving. Well it moved and it moved good. Made $220K with $13K investment. I am very appreciative of your concern and time you used to respond to me. I am very happy with the trades I make through NetPicks and I am having other investors sign on as well. I am doing them a favor.” L.B.

“Of course I will continue my subscription. You seem to be an earnest, hard working group of people.” B.S., Florida

“Over the past few weeks I have been looking into your methods for picking profitable options. I have been very happy with your selections and thoughts.” M.C., Oregon

“It is nice to find a service that is so responsive to inquiries. Keep up the good work — you are making a believer out of me!” K.R.

“I have done some trading along with your service during the trial period and have experienced great results!” R.F., Ohio

“Definitely sign me up for your service. Your service provides results with a guarantee….and at a very reasonable cost.” R.Z., Canada

“Congratulations on your great service. I am subscribing after my trial. I look forward to continued profitable trades with NetPicks.” C.G., California

“I’d love to join! Thanks for bailing me out of a lousy December.” T.B.

“I would like to subscribe to your service ASAP. Your last trade of OEWBP calls that I received with my trial service was dead on!!” G.N., New York

“We really enjoy reading your newsletter and look forward to it every day.” R.R., Florida

“I look forward to your picks every day. Good job!” R.S., Massachusetts

“I have been impressed with your services and would like to continue.” J.S., Washington

“Your training videos are excellent!!” – R.M.

“Received your recommendations this morning and followed them during the day, I must admit I was surprised that all of them did well. If this is what to expect from your service you may have a subscriber for life. Keep up the good work.” – F.P.

“I have another free trial week to go before my two week trial is up but I am so impressed with the NQ (Nasdaq) performance and your trading plan that I will subscribe to the quarterly plan.” – J.S.

“I have found that your evening and morning advisories are gems and no competitor is even close.” – S. G.