Getting to Know NetPicks: Will Feibel

What do you trade (market/timeframes)?
I trade futures, specifically the 144 tick TY (10 year treasury notes) and the 89 tick S (soybeans). I’ve also traded the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 eminis in the past. At this point I’m considering adding the TF (Russell 2000 emini) to my trade plan.

Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

I’m German, grew up mostly in South America, and have lived in the US since my freshman year in college. I live in Princeton, New Jersey and have resided in this area for the past quarter century or 25 years, whichever sounds lower.

Why did you become a trader?

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I started trading stocks a little over ten years ago, swing trading using the CAN SLIM strategy popularized by Investor’s Business Daily. I was laid off from my banking job a few years later and decided to give full time trading a shot. The idea of working from home appealed to me, and trading is a business that requires relatively small upfront investment and low operating costs. I consider myself a fortunate man because this decision allowed me to be with my children as they grew up, instead of stuck on a late commuter train from New York City.

How did you become a NetPicks coach? What inspired you to get involved?
I was a customer of NetPicks’ previous release, the UTM (Ultimate Trading Machine). This was my introduction to futures and day trading. I jumped on the Seven Summits Trader (SST) as soon as it was released because I’d been happy with the UTM’s performance and had a great deal of respect for the NetPicks team. I felt they were upfront with us customers and committed to our success. We old timers became very active in the SST members’ forum, discussing setups, backtests and performance. It was through the forums that I got to know Troy Noonan and Mike Rykse. As time went on a core of us devoted alot of time to helping newer members through the forums. Later on Brian started his semi weekly online live training room and we all migrated to that. I felt I had alot to contribute to the membership because of my experience with the system, and once Troy became active with the NetPicks team he suggested to Brian that I become a coach for the mentorship program. I jumped at the opportunity. I enjoy working with people and get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others succeed in trading, that’s why I’m thrilled to be a NetPicks mentor and coach. Finally, I have great respect for everyone involved with the SST and the other NetPicks systems, starting with Brian and Mark, the coaches, Cheryl, everyone. They are all committed to the system and to the membership.

Why do you like the SST ?
Because it works. I’ve traded it on several instruments and backtested it on more, and with rare exceptions the system has shown robust performance. It seems no matter where I apply it, I always get 60% to 65% win rates and equity curves that sawtooth from the bottom left to the top right of the chart. Like any system it has its drawdowns, it’s not the holy grail, but for something so simple and straightforward it is remarkably successful.

How many other courses, strategies, etc. did you try before the SST?

Not many really. The only other system I followed seriously was the CAN SLIM as stated earlier. Other than that I’d subscribed to several on line trading sites but none of them had anything as powerful, flexible and robust as the SST.

What are the top benefits you think members have gotten from the mentor classes and/or live training rooms? Why do you think the mentor class is so successful?

The mentorship programs helps students gain confidence in the system and in themselves. Through a combination of backtesting and both group and one-on-one instruction they learn the three key elements to trading success: a methodology, effective money management, and mental discipline. You need all three to succeed in trading and I believe that we deliver that through the mentorship program. I should add, if the student puts his time and effort into it. The daily live training further reinforces what students learn in the mentorship program, and I feel that the mentorship students get more out of the live training than those members who haven’t participated in it. They experience first- hand and in real-time the principles tha they learned, they see how experienced traders put the SST into action every day, they learn the subtleties of our money management techniques, and perhaps more importantly they witness the moderators’ mental attitude and discipline once they’ve entered a trade, whether that trade results in a win or a loss. And it’s that mental attitude and discipline that will, in the end, make or break a new trader.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with traders that are considering the SST , HVMM , or another NetPicks system?
Yes. First of all, it is not the holy grail. Every trade is not a winner and there will be drawdown periods. Second, do not expect to start with a $5,000 account and make a million in six months, or $10,000 a month right off the bat. What the system will do for the committed trader is allow him or her to gradually build their account, and as the account grows they can increase the number of contracts and/or instruments they trade until they eventually build their account to a size that makes full-time trading possible. The system is incredibly flexible and robust, and has the best support I’ve seen anywhere in this business.


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