Shane Daly

What are you currently trading?
I got started in Forex mostly due to the low initial capital required.  I now trade the ES, Russell and swing trade the currency markets.
So why did you become a trader?
There is much more to life than 9-5, Mon-Fri, weekends off and a few weeks vacation every year. I have many outside interests that I wanted to stay a part of and trading would allow me to do that. Last year it really paid off as my wife and I had a baby. We both get to stay home and watch her grow. Now that is living. If you keep in mind trading is a business and take the education seriously (including working on your psyche), it is a realistic target that people can have.

And how did you hook up with NetPicks?
Anybody read The Secret?? I bought the trading system in October of 2008. I was impressed with the professionalism of the company and what I felt was a real desire to help traders succeed. Trading can really be the road to a better life and the NetPicks company not only understands that, but aims to help traders reach that goal. Who would not want to be a part of that AND contribute to that goal? Karma can be a blessing. I kept in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a part of the company. I decided to open a blog highlighting real money trades I had taken with to not only help upstart traders, but also highlight the system for those unaware of it. I contributed in the FX live room and out of the blue, Brian Short emailed me and the rest… history.

What do you think sets the NetPicks Trading systems apart from the rest?
Simple answer…. I have been successful with them. 90% mechanical. 10% art. Be disciplined to stick to your plan…your trading edge….and the goal to be a trader full-time is not out of the realm of possibility.

How many other courses, strategies, etc. did you try before finding your current method?
Two. A general trading course and Fibonacci. I took a lot of great info from them. I was doing “o.k” but was sort of haphazard with my trading. NetPicks Universal Market Trader (UMT) grounded me. The kicker for me that made me take out the credit card was watching Mark trade “live”. He wasn’t “tracking” a trade, he was trading them for the public to see.

What are the top benefits you think members have gotten from the mentor classes and/or live training rooms? Why do you think the mentor class is so successful?
I don’t have to “think” what they have gotten benefit-wise… the many emails I receive tell me. Probably the overwhelming theme is “motivation”. When traders see others succeeding, and not simply with back-tested results but real money on the line trading, it helps them believe that they can do it as well. That is the KEY to succeeding….believing you can. It is easy to get caught up looking for the “grail”, the “secret indicator” and it helps having someone keep you grounded and ensuring you keep it real. That is why I put out the “Regroup” project. It was to help traders slough off bad habits they may have gotten and force them to trade one plan. Only when you have the basics (including the mindset), should you venture into other territory.