Eric Peterson

Options Trading Coach

What are you currently trading?

I am currently trading options and futures. I started out trading forex when it was the wild west, and there were few platforms to choose from. I enjoy the technology that has evolved over the last decade that affords more retail trader opportunities.

And where are you from?

I am from Seal Beach, CA. I lived in Orange County until 2004 and then moved to Northern California with my family. I have since left CA and now reside in S UT near Zion National Park.

So why did you become a trader?

I became a trader first out of sheer attraction to the capital markets. I enjoy macroeconomics and understanding the structure of our monetary system. Investing became a strong desire out of observing the corporate world and its increasing volatility where human capital is concerned. I determined that it would be prudent to learn trading as a skill to generate income.

And how did you hook up with NetPicks?

I have been familiar with NetPicks for well over 10 years and have been a user of the products it promotes. Mike needed some assistance in managing the business’s growth, and I joined the team. I am excited to work with people in this endeavor to help nurture an education in the markets.

What do you think sets the NetPicks Trading systems apart from the rest?

I believe NetPicks has a genuine concern for the trader who wishes to advance their knowledge of trade instruments. Their concern is evident in their attention to their customers and the attention to detail of the program offerings.

How many other courses, strategies, etc. did you try before finding your current method?

I have been a student of many programs, including those taught by professional bankers who “push a yard” trading. Institutions control the markets, and as the “elephant” in the equation, they control the flow of money worldwide. Understanding their game plan is essential to surviving. Over the last 25 years, I have seen the markets do incredible things. Understanding why it is crucial to making money. Since it is ever-changing, it is necessary to continue to educate yourself. My current trading style and methods are based on current market conditions and require constant monitoring.

What top benefits do you think members have gotten from the mentor classes and/or live training rooms? Why do you think the mentor class is so successful?

Having a mentor is crucial to bridge the inexperience one feels undertaking a trading education. The benefits come from the experience a mentor can share about why he/she believes the market is behaving the way it is. Trading is more of a psychological test than anything. Executing a trade is easy; the emotional roller coaster one goes on after the execution is the hard part. It is crucial to have a plan, a preset set of rules to govern the trade, whether it is successful or not. This is where a mentor comes in, ensuring that you are stable in your approach and discipline.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with traders considering a NetPicks trading system?

I would encourage anyone wishing to explore trading to treat it like a business. It may be a small business at first or forever, but understanding the necessary tools to be successful and putting a plan in place to manage your entry and exit, whether the trade is successful or not, has to be the primary directive. Don’t give up. You can learn to trade.