Brian Short

Brian Short
Brian Short
Co-Partner & Chief Operating Officer

In my “former life” I was a business owner and ran a technology company involved in IT support services in the medical field. While I found that business to be rewarding it was also an incredible burden to be responsible for all my employees, contractors, overhead, and the constant whims of the business cycle. At the peak I was managing 50 people and as you can imagine it became overwhelming. I knew I wanted to break free from that cycle and this is what
inspired me to consider trading.

Back in the 1990’s I was having some incredible success trading on news and tips. Back then, you would get informed by your broker of some expected breaking news or rumors and trade on those tips. I literally felt invincible, as “tip trading” seemed to work every time you tried it. I pulled down a significant sum of money. That’s the good news.

The bad news? I literally lost the entire amount in less than a year as the whole “tip trading” approach crashed and burned — along with the markets.

This certainly got me hooked but I also realized I was trading a fad and was not building a trading business. I figured there had to be something that was better, more predictable and could sustain itself over time. In the early 2000’s I decided to divest myself from my technology company and dive into trading.

I started by trading OEX options, which at that time were quite popular – this was before the e-Mini futures basically took over. Following a signal type service I did O.K., but felt I didn’t really know “WHY” I was taking these trades since it was basically a blind signal.

Once again I felt I wasn’t following a system. That inspired me to finally start developing my own systems and learning programming. I signed up for a NetPicks service in 2001 trading stocks on a swing trading and sometimes day trading basis. I proceeded to automate much of that process and became a dedicated convert to the “NetPicks Way” which is a systemized approach to trading, putting the odds in your favor and always trading with a plan.

From there I became intrigued with forex trading and actually helped NetPicks develop their software and automation tools for forex and eventually became a Managing Partner in the business in 2004.

Ever since I have been responsible for the training, education and coaching side of the business in particular. We certainly pride ourselves on having the best coaching team in the business. Every coach was actually originally a NetPicks customer, putting them in a unique position to understand just what you’re going in during your journey to successful trading. In addition, they are still all active in the markets which keeps them fresh and up-to-date both on our systems and the realities of trading.

I certainly feel we can provide a huge short cut when someone is learning trading or trying to master their skills. Take advantage of the all the resources we offer is my best advice. Trading is a skill you want to continue to work on and improve. If you do, you can be well rewarded for the effort.