NetPicks Live Training Service

You can learn a lot about trading by observing us and other people from the around the world just like you in our live trading room.

Unlike a live signal room, this is all about demonstrating to you the power of our two best active trading systems.  You can then take this knowledge with you into the markets.

Even better, you can learn more about becoming a Spotlight Power Trader and a Counter Punch Trader and integrating these proven trading systems into your daily live trading to ensure you have an edge when trading the markets.

There’s no need for live signals where you rely on someone else…what if they stop their service?  Worse yet, what if they never truly trade?

It’s critical that you possess the system and skills to trade if you ever hope to fulfill your dream of being a trading success.


Not A Trade Calling Service – A Trading Education Experience

Unlike many other trading rooms, we won’t just call out a trade in the chat box and leave you on your own.

We have very specific money management strategies that we will teach you – we’ll hold you by the hand every step of the way including not only calling trades, but literally showing you how to manage your trades and the best way to ensure that you get the maximum out of the markets, in the minimum amount of time.

We don’t believe in half measures at Netpicks and that is why we designed our trading room as a virtual classroom where you can not only place trades if you choose, but also learn vital information that every trader should know.


Here are the benefits for you in our Live Training Demonstrations:

  • Full Access to the LIVE Trading room – Online from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Two weeks to watch our live experienced trading team call the markets, analyze the charts and show actual trades as they occur
  • Money and risk management strategies to limit the amount of time you trade, limit risk, and maximize your profits
  • The ability to interact with our trading team and even other traders from around the world
  • A live chat window where you can ask questions and get them answered in a professional and respectful environment – the only bad question is the one not asked
  • Learn about chart analysis, the best trading tools to use, brokers and executions


Real look into our trading sessions featuring one of our most consistent futures trade


Ready to Review our Two Top Performing Live Trading Systems?

Whether you trade Forex or Futures (or want to trade both!), there’s a market and time for you on a regular basis.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Join us in our live training room
  2. Watch live and in real time how Spotlight Power Trader handles the day trading sessions of both Forex and Futures
  3. See why Counter Punch Trader has been one of our most popular trading systems ever with it’s many years of high performance trading results

Live Trade Room Charts

This is how the charts look in each trading session.  The most important feature you will notice is the targets, entries and stops are all printed right on the chart.

We can’t “fake” the results because not only will you see exact price points, but listen while the head trader talks through each trade that is taken.


Take Two Weeks – On Us

Completely FREE with total access to our LIVE Training Demo Service.

After your free trial period is over and should you decide to continue, you can pursue our trading systems further and inquire about our NetPicks Inner Circle where you can have access to BOTH the Spotlight Power Trader & the Counter Punch Trader for as long as you are a member

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