NetPicks Options Earnings Cheat Sheet – 2nd Quarter 2021

In a recent blog post, we walked through how you can use different options strategies to navigate through earnings season. These earnings releases can cause big overnight moves in stock prices which can also produce big moves in the option prices as well.

Whether you plan on taking trades through the earnings release or you plan on closing positions ahead of time, it is important to know when the earnings will be released so you can take action accordingly.

One resource that we like to use to look up when these releases are scheduled is to use This website has a free look up tool that will allow you to search for the date and time of all upcoming earnings reports based on the stock symbol.

NetPicks Own Earnings Cheat Sheet

We have also put together an earnings cheat sheet for the 2nd Quarter that shows all of the dates and times of the earnings releases for each stock on our Watch List at NetPicks. We list whether the release is coming before the market opens or after the market closes so you know when to expect the big movement.

You will find that cheat sheet below along with a download link that you can click to save the report.

NetPicks Options Earnings Cheat Sheet – 2nd Quarter 2021