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Taking Your Trading Profit

Trading profits

When talking about trading, the conversations usually revolve around trading setups. After all, people want to find the trading opportunity, enter the trade and reap huge rewards. In order to reap any reward when trading, there is one key element that gets over looked by many and that is how... Read moreread more

Online Trading Reviews To Ignore


It’s the normal routine for many looking to make money trading online but many times it can lead you down the wrong path: Find a trading system Check online trading reviews of the method Jump right in trading with real money The trading system and the dangers of trading without... Read moreread more

World Cup Trading Performance Lessons

trading performance tips

For those of you who read my posts on a regular basis, you’ll probably already have noticed that I do enjoy drawing parallels between situations from the “real world” and trading. And unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of months, you’ll know that we’ve just seen... Read moreread more

Trading news using an Options Trading Strategy

Global headlines profit

One of the things I love most about using a powerful options trading strategy is the incredible flexibility that it gives me. If you are like me then you either have financial TV or radio on throughout the day. This means we are flooded with news and new trade ideas... Read moreread more

5 things you need to do to “Live Through Drawdowns”

In our NetPicks Quantitrader service, where we provide a fully developed, simple to follow stock trading system (Free Trial Here) we frequently discuss the importance of understanding drawdowns. We all know it is very important to develop a mindset that is conducive to trading. One of the most important parts... Read moreread more

The Power of Quitting While You’re Ahead

The power of quitting while you’re ahead in trading should not be underestimated, but unfortunately it often is. At we really take this to heart and as part of our day trading rules, we clearly outline in our trade plans how many winning trades we can take before stopping... Read moreread more

Where I Take Forex Day Trades

On a recent getaway, I was asked about some of the markets I trade. Most are pretty straightforward but I want to give some insight about trading currencies. I started my trading business in the currency markets and am still active in that market. I trade it a little differently... Read moreread more

It Truly Is A Learning Process

A few emails came my way in response to my post and video “Trading What You Think Can Cost You”. Most of the emails talked about breakouts and a few talked about moment to moment trading. I want to write about moment to moment trading as zone breakout trading is... Read moreread more

Trading What You Think Can Cost You

I was talking with a trader a few days back which included an exchange of charts. That’s not something I usually do but considering this person is a “friend”, I made an exception. The trade was based on a confluence of major turning points and a few other factors. Thinking... Read moreread more

Are You A DIY Kind Of Person

My wife and I just moved into a new home. Well, new for us and old for the previous owners. You have to make the house your own which usually means doing some minor renovations and some painting. That can become a challenge especially if the original owners did a... Read moreread more

Think You Are A Trader?

I recently watched an episode of a show called “Suits”. In this particular episode, one of the lawyers represented someone in court that deals with residential issues. He initially lost the case but the point is that he was an actual lawyer (in the show) representing someone in court. We... Read moreread more

Change Your Habits

A couple of days ago I read a post that someone had recommended. It was to do with the sort of things you don’t do if you’re a focused individual and that focus leads to success and happiness. As I started to read it I was thinking that the author... Read moreread more

Do You Want This Position

  I want to go back to something Marty Schwartz said that actually occurred this past week for me. It is something that I struggled with when I started trading, not so much now and when the opportunity to jump was there this week, I continued to exercise something that... Read moreread more

It All Starts With Foundation

  I had a conversation today with an ES trader who has been in the markets since 2009.  We talked a little about the markets such as Euro Futures, Wheat, Soybeans and a few other ones.  It is hard to talk with passion about individual markets however everything changed when... Read moreread more

Trading Lessons from a Winter Olympian

You may be aware of the current Winter Olympics going on in Sochi. Although it’s not my favorite collection of events, it always fascinates me what makes elite performers tick. So I was reading about an athlete who won gold four years ago and was immediately stuck by the parallel... Read moreread more

Football and Trading Success

Watching the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but think how football is similar with trading. Not only similar but offers an opportunity to learn something from the gridiron that can aid you in changing your thought process and how you approach trading in general. Before players even step on the... Read moreread more

Medium Steak and Trading Bias

Back in the days where I would eat steak, I was a stickler for how I wanted it cooked. Out for dinner, I would order it medium but many times, it was difficult to get it right.  Well done, rare and everything in between would try to pass for medium.... Read moreread more