Adnan Younes

Developer & System Creator – Forex

Adnan was part of Citi Group’s Investment bank rubbing shoulders with top Forex traders on the floor. From there he developed a keen understanding of how the markets work. Started his first Forex Trading account in 2003 and has been a trader ever since. After joining Netpicks in 2013, he caught the bug of system development and has trained more than 1000 traders since on his unique ideas and strategies. His is the guy behind his Forex focused, Dynamic Swing Trader strategy which currently has one of the longest positive track records and market appeal since Netpicks’ inception. We consider Adnan our Forex resident, and we always tune in to what he has to say on the subject.

Outside of trading, Adnan has worked for fortune 500 companies, started a brick and mortar business and eve did e-commerce. He travels a lot and has family all over the world given his multi-cultural background. We have seen him hold his coaching webinars from Dubai, UAE; Geneva, Switzerland; as well as his base camp in Austin, Tx to name a few.