NetPicks Live Signal Service using Counter Punch Trader

Counter Punch Trader

Not ready for the…

  • the sky-high cash commitment of traditional trading system?
  • the long learning curve while you slowly understand the rules?
  • the unreliability and mechanical nature of ‘Get Rich Quick’ Forex Robots?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, do we have the solution for you! It’s called the NetPicks Live Signal Service utilizing our proven Counter Punch Trader system and it’s easy as following our directions and copying us, trade for trade!

EURUSD Day Trading

No complicated rules to learn, no confusing software to install and best of all, trades analyzed and taken by our own in-house team. We do the hard work, you just follow our lead.

We hand-pick and call two very successful Forex markets (EURUSD and EURJPY) and two high-performing Futures markets (Crude Oil and Russell eMini) during the week, Monday through Friday. Specifically, here’s the schedule:

At 8:30 EST, we begin trading two Forex markets; EURUSD and EURJPY
At 8:50 EST, we begin trading Crude Oil Futures

At 9:30 EST, we begin trading our Russell eMini trade plan

Whether you trade Forex or Futures (or want to trade both!), there’s a market and time for you everyday. And you get access to all four markets – so if you ever wanted to dabble in diversifying your own trading, this is the perfect opportunity. It’s great for beginners just learning how to trade independently as well more advanced traders looking to spend as little time as the possible in the market and come out with dependable yields.

Live Signal Service – Free Trial – Featuring the Counter Punch Trader

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Real Trade Examples

Take a look at this recent trading session.  In this case we have another very successful trading day, with 2 winners, and 1 loss.  We have very specific money management strategies that we will teach you – we’ll hold you by the hand every step of the way including not only calling trades, but literally showing you how to manage your trades and, the best way to ensure that you get the maximum out of the markets, in the minimum amount of time:

Russell e-Mini Day Trading

FREE One Week Trial

Here’s what you’ll get with your FREE ONE WEEK Trial to the LIVE Signal Service:

  • Full Access to the LIVE Tradingroom – Online from the comfort of your home or office.
  • 1 week to watch our live trading team call the markets, analyze the charts and give you exact entries and exits.  Utilize your FREE Sim Account to practice executing the trades at NO RISK to you.
  • Money and Risk Management Strategies to spend the least amount of time possible per day in the markets
  • The ability to interact with our trading team and even other traders from around the world
  • A live Chat window where you can ask questions and get them answered in a professional and respectful environment
  • Learn about chart analysis, the best trading tools to use, brokers and executions
  • Email and phone support as needed – we are here to ensure you will not fail

Your first  week is on us!  Completely FREE with total access to our LIVE Signal Service.  After your free trial period is over and, should you decide to continue, you will be billed at $197 per month or, if you prefer, at the discounted price of $497 per quarter.  Cancel any time or even change from one payment plan to another at any time just by e-mailing us.

There is no risk by taking a free one week test drive.  You can follow along, paper trade, get a feel for the service.  You’ll see what a No Brainer this is.  One winning trade could very well cover a full month’s subscription, should you decide to stay with us and quite often even more!  And you can count on numerous trades every month.  You can of course cancel at any time.  There is never any obligation to continue, including within your first week, to avoid any billing.  We will provide you with a real-time internet link to your account where you can discontinue if you choose or, you can simply send us an email.

Live Signal Service – Free Trial

Get Started Today

You will be taken to a secured page to enter your personal and payment information. After completing the form, you will be emailed your confirmation and login links to instantly access the Live Signal Service private member area and the next day’s signals. If you would like to discontinue service during your free trial to avoid automatic billing, please simply email:

It only takes ONE WINNING TRADE PER MONTH to pay for the super low monthly service fee. Now at the special rate of $197. Prices will be going up soon for new subscribers so lock in your low rate today!
Kind Words from Our Members

Check out what these satisfied traders had to say from one of our excellent trading sessions:

[09:30 am] Mike Koller: This is fun. You guys make money way too easily,

[09:30 am] Richard Butnik: I’m way positive! I didn’t take the GBOB after first win. I didn’t want to risk winning after such a good trade

[09:31 am] Mike Koller: What the heck am I supposed to do for rest of day, now?

[09:31 am] Arnie DeBlank: spend the $$$ you made

[09:31 am] Mike Koller: lol tks Arnie

[09:46 am] Steve Sanford: Get In, Get Out, Get Done, Go Play—-POQ 2 contracts /TF 157 ticks

[10:33 am] joe talerico: TJ, the belief system was the hardest part for me. i watched the SST win day after day and still thought I knew better. then i got out of the way, now i’m laughing all the way to the bank. thanks SST!!!!

[10:38 am] Roger LA: TJ. your advice is always on target. See you, Will, or Ron on Thursday.

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