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Which One Are You

Over the years, I have been exposed to many different ways of trading. Some included indicators such as moving averages and MACD. Others were a combination of price action and market structure. Still others included order flow and opportune areas where liquidity will flow into the market. This is better... Read moreread more

Market Noise

Part of the challenge of trading is seeing market intentions for what they really are. Unfortunately (and kind of fortunately), markets rarely go from point A to point B in a straight line. If you’re objective is to capitalize on such a move, then you’re going to need some way... Read moreread more

Watch Structure In Action

In a previous trading blog post, I spoke about market structure such as support/resistance.  Around those levels are orders and one thing that big traders…those that actually move the market….can not do is simply trade anywhere on the chart.  They must trade where most traders place orders simply because when... Read moreread more

Take A Vacation Day

We all love to trade.  If we didn’t, why else would we enter a sea full of professionals with accounts that make ours look like a grain of sand.  As a trader, you want to make sure you are trading the days that the pros are moving the market.  I... Read moreread more

Test Your Mettle With Discretionary Trading

Mechanical types of trading strategies are great for many people for a variety of reasons mainly because discretionary trading is more “hangs on”.  Having everything being clear cut and objective makes it much easier for people to follow a trade plan of some sorts. Knowing to do A when B... Read moreread more

Trade Management – Automate It

As a trader, there are so many things you have to focus on to ensure you are trading properly and safely.  One of those is ensuring you have placed two others orders once you are in the market…..profit and stop.  You can survive forgetting a profit target but forgetting a... Read moreread more

Day Trading Positional and Historical Biases

Biases and Marginal Trades There are two big problems traders have to tackle amongst the many factors which are involved in their success. Taking marginal trades is the blight of the small and yet-to-be-consistent trader and historical and/or positional bias on the interpretation of trading activity finishes a close second.... Read moreread more

Market Turns and Extremes Part 4

Examples Trading distilled is about logic, decision making and money management. There’s not much which is particularly hard to understand or even that complicated. It’s just that it takes some putting together of ideas to form a useful plan. I think that with varying speeds a trader’s journey goes something... Read moreread more

Market Mind Games with Author Denise Shull

NetPicks Authors Series When it comes to investing, we’re usually taught to “conquer” our emotions. But our next special guest in our NetPicks Author Interview Series actually sees it in reverse: We can use our emotions as an edge. Join us as we sit down with Denise Shull, author of... Read moreread more

Constantly Failing Levels

Admittedly, sometimes we all misread the market from time to time and ‘look’ for entry signals at certain prices when we should not. But what about levels which are entirely valid and yet fail? You might suggest that if a level fails to hold then it’s probable that you won’t... Read moreread more