PTU Trend Jumper

premier trader university trend jumper boxesDon’t you just love some ACTION in your trading?

Heck, that’s why I got into trading in the first place!

The rush, the exhilaration and let’s face it, the WINS you get after having a truly exciting session… ah, man – that’s what we love about our job.

In the past, our systems have always tried to focus on quality trades that let you step in and out of the market lickity-split… but how about those who want MORE?

You want more trades, more movement… more action!

GREAT news. Say hello to Trend Jumper – our newest high-frequency, low-risk trading system for Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options & ETFs.

PTU Trend Jumper was created by NetPicks Trading Coach and Seven Summits Trader system developer, Troy “TJ” Noonan. And he’s spent countless hours testing and re-testing this phenomenal system that’s really bringing down the wins.

In fact, Trend Jumper has already brought down THOUSANDS of pips in 2013 and boasted hundreds of traders seeing the Trend Jumper difference.

Since January 1st, 2013…

  • AUDJPY up +6823 pips since beginning of 2012.
  • EURUSD up +1229 Pips
  • NZDJPY up + 2930 Pips
  • EURGBP up HUNDREDS of pips just in the last few weeks, alone.
  • Click Here to See the Full Video

And check out the AUDUSD 15 minute chart…

  1. Over $45,000 in profits using the standard 2 position approach (based on 2 full lots)
  2. A Profit Factor of 2.40 with over 380 trades since nearly 3 years ago
  3. An expectancy (average net profit per trade) of $120
  4. Ratio of Avg win over avg loss of 1.15
  5. It posted a 23 trade winning streak. It also had an 11 trade win streak, a 10 trade streak, and several others of 9, 8, 7, 6 , 5, 4, etc.. Not bad!
  6. Smart filters and dynamic targeting to accommodate the nature of time based charts. This is KEY!
  7. Click Here to Read Full Detail

If Futures are more your thing…

  • Crude Oil Futures end today 2 for 2 for + .68, $680
  • Heating Oil Futures end today 1 for 1 for + .0074, $310
  • See the new PTU Automation handle additional trades, as well
  • Click Here to See the Full Wrap-Up



If you’re interested in getting in on some ACTION, make sure you visit our PTU Trend Jumper blog for the full scoop. We’ll show you how it trades, the markets it trades, the RESULTS it brings in – even trade it live for you.

Click Here for the PTU Trend Jumper Blog!

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