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Last updated on July 25th, 2014

Premier Trader University is designed to be a comprehensive education for all traders – from the beginner to the advanced.

Taught in a traditional “University-style” format, Premier Trader University will provide students with the foundation and tools to be a successful trader on your own by the time you “Graduate”.

The University starts with the Home Study Guide, or Pre-Requisites to keep with the Academic theme. The goal of the Home Study Guide is to get everyone on a level playing field when the Undergraduate course begins.

If you are new to trading, the Home Study Guide will provide a wealth of information that would likely take years for you to accumulate on your own! If you already consider yourself an experienced trader, the Home Study Guide will provide you nuggets of information you may not have known that will broaden your overall knowledge and make you a better trader.

The self-paced Home Study Guide is provided to you in advance of the Undergraduate course, allowing you to establish a strong foundation of trading knowledge heading in to College! The nice part is we won’t require you to complete an application, take SATs or write an essay to join our University icon smile Pre Requisites

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The Undergraduate Course is a multi-day, instructor led class taught live in the markets. As an Undergraduate student, you will have already received and completed the Pre-Requisites, sent a couple weeks in advance of your class. The Pre-Requisites will have you prepared with the foundation to move on in your education.

The primary goal of the Undergraduate course is to deliver and teach the PTU Active Trader Systems. The proprietary Strategies were developed by the founder of NetPicks, Mark Soberman, who has been developing and selling trading systems for more than 16 years. NetPicks’ proven longevity through a wide variety of market conditions is a testimony to Mark’s trading acumen and integrity.

We personally developed the PTU Active Trader Systems and has tested each Strategy live in the markets for the last year, to prove their worth in all market conditions. During the Undergraduate course you will be taught the intricacies of the Strategies LIVE in the markets, not just theoretical charts!

Once you have completed the Undergraduate course, you will have the opportunity to select your Major, where you will be taught the specifics of trading the market you desire. This includes Stocks, Options, Forex and Futures.

Upon completion of the multi-day Undergraduate Course, each student will have received in-depth training on the PTU Active Trader Systems, an introduction to the various Markets, and tips for selecting your Major.

A key part of the Premier Trader University education is the selection of a Major. The Major is an in-depth instructor led class taught live in the markets and focused on the student’s chosen market of interest. Students are able to select multiple Majors, with a fee for additional Majors.

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