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Swing into winning trades with the Keltner Bells swing trading system!

Keltner Bells

Keltner Bells harnesses the power of the Keltner Channels, powerful indicators that help traders capitalize on monumental swings in the market to earn huge pip gains each trading session. Why struggle with a swing trading system that squeezes out 5-10 pips a day when you can leverage the power of Keltner Bells and see monumental results around 100-200 pips in some sessions?

This isn’t your average swing trading system. You won’t be sitting hours in front of the charts, waiting for a trade, sometimes not even trading. Utilizing unique Renko bars, charting trade frequency is high: trade set-ups occur during the day and night, so traders can take trades to fit their schedule. What’s more, you can set up your trades in as little as 10 minutes a day, and let the system and market work for you.

The Keltner Bells swing trading system employs the security of power ratios. These are are the risk/reward, win/loss parameters that ensure that even if you only win 50% of your trades, you will come out on top. With win/loss power ratios at 7:4, 8:4, and more you are sure to see your hard work paid for.

If you are ready to stop baby-sitting your swing trades and take your trading time back – get your trading work out in with Keltner Bells.

Enjoy this demo video for more information:

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The Incredible Secret Of Old-Time Strongmen… Now Revived For 21st Century Super Fitness!

I recently discovered the amazing health benefits of working out with Russian Kettlebells. According to the research I uncovered, these strange devices give you the best full body workout of anything ever invented… even some of the most modern, sophisticated equipment.

First of all, some of you may be asking “What in the world is a Russian Kettlebell?”

Well, imagine either a black bowling ball or cannon ball with a handle on it. And then imagine them in different sizes and weights from 8 pounds to 88 pounds.

Get the picture?

Kettlebells are NOT a new invention. In fact, they’ve been around hundreds of years.

Many of the legendary strongmen throughout history – such as Arthur Saxon, Eugene Sandow, and Sig Klein – used the kettlebells to build their enormous strength.

Also, if you take a closer look at certain strongmen characters in old comic books, you’ll see them working with the kettlebells.

Recently, the kettlebells have become popular again in the U.S. and worldwide, thanks mainly to Russian strength coach Pavel Tsatouline and Dragon Door publications.

Pavel claims many branches of the Russian Military still use the kettlebells as an effective method of keeping their soldiers in tip-top shape.

Today, many branches of the U.S. military are beginning to benefit from the power of kettlebell training as well. Lots of U.S. soldiers even took their kettlebells with them to Afghanistan and Iraq to stay in shape.

And it’s just a matter of time before you’ll see them in every gym around the world. You may have already seen them – or even used them yourself – in your own gym. Let’s face it – anything so simple and effective as
kettlebell training usually catches on like wildfire.

So what exactly makes kettlebell training so effective? And how on earth does that relate to making potential mega-profits from the Forex?

All will be revealed in just seconds from now…

First, as opposed to most other typical exercise routines, kettlebell “ballistic” exercises such as the Swing, the Thruster, and the Clean and Jerk, train you to work your body as one unit.

This type of training will give you “real world” strength – full body strength that will transfer from your training to your athletic activities.

You see, the body does not naturally move with muscles working in isolation, and kettlebell training was developed with this in mind. It all boils down to developing the best possible body mechanics and generating the most efficient results in the shortest amount of time possible.

And all these facts led me to the discovery of what I believe to be the strongest Forex swing trading system I’ve ever seen…

The Strange Correlation Between Russian Kettlebell Workouts And Our New Forex Swing Trading System… And Why It’s So Effective!

My mind works in mysterious ways. Even my best friends will tell me that (to my face).
And when I stumble on a thing, a concept, a process… or whatever… that’s working extremely well in one area, I almost instinctively wonder how that same thing, concept, process or whatever would work just as exquisitely well in another area.

And… naturally… my first alternative thought is that of the areas of trading and investing.
Now… coincidentally… I had been working quite a bit lately with certain very powerful trading indicators called Keltner Channels, especially in the Forex market. Keltner Channels have been used for quite some time by the more sophisticated traders to measure extreme conditions in the market.

According to Wikipedia:

“Keltner channel is a technical analysis indicator showing a central moving average line plus channel lines at a distance above and below. The indicator is named after Chester W. Keltner (1909-1998) who described it in his 1960 book How To Make Money in Commodities.
In Keltner’s description the centre line is an 10-day simple moving average of typical price, where typical price each day is the average of high, low and close,

The lines above and below are drawn a distance from that centre line, a distance which is the simple moving average of the past 10 days’ trading ranges (ie. range high to low on each day).
The trading strategy is to regard a close above the upper line as a strong bullish signal, or a close below the lower line as strong bearish sentiment, and buy or sell with the trend accordingly, but perhaps with other indicators to confirm.”

Anyways, we’ve been using and testing them internally here at for quite some time to help us find set-ups that could turn out to be perfect reversal trades (short to long or long to short).
We then added some simple, yet very powerful rules that filter out all but the prime, highest potential for profit trade set-ups.

The only thing lacking at that point to create an ultra-powerful trading system was an almost failsafe method to pinpoint the exact entry and exit points to place the trades.

And that’s where the Russian Kettlebell workout method came into play…

Now… here’s where things can get extremely complicated… and I don’t want to do that.

So let’s just say we discovered several mathematical algorithms in the laws of Force, Momentum and Physics which we believe attribute to the amazing success of the kettlebell workouts. They have to do with the “swing” action of the kettlebells, and when the forces are strongest, and when they are the weakest.

And we especially studied the actions at reversals, that is, at the end of the upswing, the beginning of the downswing, and at the end of the downswing, and at the beginning of the upswing.

Basically, just like a Kettlebell exercise where a move goes to the extreme and then it starts to snap back and go the other way to a new extreme… we’re getting in right when the snap and momentum is about to happen the other way.

Amazingly, using similar mathematical methods, we found a correlation in the major movements of Forex currency pairs!

And that correlation provided us with the uncannily accurate entry and exit points for trade reversals in the Forex market that we were looking for. It was the last piece of the puzzle for our “perfect” trading system.
Like I said in the beginning… this may all sound far-fetched and way “out there”…

But This New Trading System Is Working Like Gangbusters In The Forex Market!

In honor of the Russian Kettlebells workout system that strangely supplied the missing pieces of the trading puzzle we needed… we created a new software program called the Keltner Bells Trade Calculator.

We still use our previous Keltner Channel strategy combined with our other handful of simple rules to find the best trade setups, but then we let our breakthrough Keltner Bells Trade Calculator do all the “heavy lifting” to provide us with the exact entry and exit points.

In short, the Keltner Channel drives the initial setup… but the elegance comes from our trading rules combined with the Keltner Bells Trade Calculator and the unique method we measure the market using Renko and Range bars, which are different (and far more effective) than the “tired”, old-time “interval” charting method.

What kind of results is our new Keltner Bells system scoring in the Forex market?

Here are some recent trades found using the system:

And we’ve made several tweaks along the way to make the system even more dead-on accurate…

What If You Could Know… In Advance… Where The Biggest Swing Trade Opportunities Exist In The Forex Market?

Our breakthrough Keltner Bells system will alert you to those setups… and much more.

Since we’re talking about swing trading here, the pace of trade is fairly leisurely… and the software will always let you know in advance that a set-up is getting ready to occur. The software and system rules will identify places to enter… typically just before a large swing move is about to kick off.

All you have to do is wait for the software to identify an entry — and it will give you the exact point to place your buy order if the market is expected to rally, or where to sell/short if it’s expected to decline.
The software will also IMMEDIATELY identify profit targets and stops as well… so the rewards and risk are always known… before the trade is even entered.

The major Forex pairs are all covered, including the favorites such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/JPY, along with a number of other alternative pairs such as the EUR/CAD, EUR/GBP, etc.

It’s truly the closest thing to a “Done-For-You” Forex swing trading program you’ve ever seen.

Also, this style of trading is about having a life!

You won’t need to stress over or watch every pip/tick go by.

You won’t need to try to squeeze out 5 pips from the market over and over again, stressing out at every turn or downtick.

Instead, the software will hunt down and find… like a heat-seeking missile… the bigger (and more reliable) moves that occur repeatedly in the Forex markets… and take advantage of new momentum swings that are at least 100 pips, 150 pips… even 200 pips or more!

Yes, this is simple, time-saving, stress-free Forex trading at its best.

And finally… there’s our “Secret Sauce” that makes this system truly fly. I briefly touched on it above.

You see, using the more innovative charting intervals is the new key to successful trading. Rather than being stuck in the past using old time intervals (like minute bars) we use much more responsive and advanced time intervals (such as Range Bars and Renko Bars). This gives us a unique insight (and advantage) into the markets that most never see.

We’ve been testing and tweaking our Keltner Bells Trading System for months now… behind closed doors… keeping everything to ourselves… because EVEN WE couldn’t believe how easy it suddenly became to find these big Forex swing trades so often.

But now… for the first time… we feel it’s ready for release to the trading public.

And you can be among the first group of traders to get your hands on it…

Now You Can Get “Russian Kettlebell Training” Results From The Forex… But You Won’t Have To Break One Drop Of Sweat!

I’m now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that working out with Russian Kettlebells is THE best overall exercise program available to get in the best shape of your life!

It may seem like hard work, and you’ll sweat a lot… but it’s also FUN, and the end results are tremendous.
How would you like a Forex swing trading program with similar benefits… FUN, and tremendous end results (in the form of piling up PIP profits in your trading account)… but with NONE of the hard work, and without a single drop of sweat?

Kettlebell swinging is hard, but works like a champ. But with our new Keltner Bells Trading System, WE WILL do all the swinging, sweating and hard work for you, and have you looking like a Trading Fitness Model!

So let’s just summarize a few of the many additional benefits of this breakthrough new trading product:

  • You only need 5 to 10 minutes to trade per day or night.
  • You have much more flexibility than with other systems (which means you can take the trades that meet your schedule, any time, any day).
  • You’ll always know your exact entry points and an exact profit target and stop strategy.
  • There’s absolutely nothing left to the imagination. Just follow the trades and let the markets do the work for you.
  • You’ll always have plenty of action (trade frequency is steady – even with swing trading opportunities).

Introducing the Keltner Bells Forex System for Swing Traders (and those ASPIRING to LIVE A LIFE full of travel, vacations and FREE TIME to spend with your family, friends – even that new business idea!)

So Here’s What You Get…

  • Powerful Custom-Built (and Tested!) Keltner Bells Software, Indicators and Calculator that does 99% of the work for you
  • Two (2) Full Discs Worth of ‘Step-by-Step’ Video Training that’ll take you from start to finish, beginner to advanced
  • Comprehensive Trading Manual filled with system rules available for instant download for super quick reference
  • NetPicks Renko Bar Plugin for MetaTrader
  • Guide to Markets and Time Frames

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