Dynamic Swing Trader

Last updated on November 9th, 2019

Interested in trading forex but just want to spend a few minutes per day?

Our top of the line Forex swing trading system the NetPicks Dynamic Swing Trader has arrived.

The Dynamic Swing Trader utilizes a combination of powerful, proprietary indicators with fully developed trading plans focusing on swing trading over 15 popular forex markets – and does it all in just a few minutes per day!

This isn’t your average swing trading system. You won’t be sitting hours in front of the charts, waiting for a trade, sometimes not even trading.  What’s more, you can set up your trades in as little as 10 minutes a day, and let the system and market work for you.  We call this “Getting in Synch” so you don’t have to sit there 24/7.

Check out some of the feedback we’re already receiving:

“Thank you for a great and well thought out trading platform. It really is the best way to trade currencies. Anyways I am very happy with your system and think you have done a wonderful job with it.” Nolan Moss
Dynamic Swing Trader is amazing! After 10 yrs. I have never had this kind of confidence trading forex before. Small infrequent losers, or BE and Larger more frequent winners. I’ve achieved my 25 trades without mistakes…” Larry DuLude

Keep Up To Date

To keep up with the latest updates for the Dynamic Swing Trader make sure you are in our database.  Just look at the top of this page and enter your email for free swing trading training and a special software indicator we provide with your training.  You’ll be notified as well first when we release the NetPicks Dynamic Swing Trader to the public once again.  This only takes place a few times per year so make sure you are on the list to be notified.

Here are some recent trades found using the system:

EURUSD Forex Swing Trade

So let’s just summarize a few of the many additional benefits of this breakthrough forex swing trading product:

  • You only need 5 to 10 minutes to trade per day or night.
  • You have much more flexibility than with other systems (which means you can take the trades that meet your schedule, any time, any day).
  • You’ll always know your exact entry points and an exact profit target and stop strategy.
  • There’s absolutely nothing left to the imagination. Just follow the trades and let the markets do the work for you.
  • You’ll always have plenty of action (trade frequency is steady – even with swing trading opportunities)