Are Your Trading Indicators Leading You To Failure?

Last updated on January 17th, 2017


If you are still in the mindset that tossing any trading indicator on your charts is the correct route, you are no doubt still looking for trading success.

Does that mean that indicators such as moving averages and MACD have no place in trading?

Absolutely not.

What it does mean is that while an indicator can assist you in making educated trading decisions, they are not the final cog in the success wheel.

Going further, it’s how you use them to assist you is truly what makes them useful.

We have something special for you later in this trading article.


Too Many Wasted Hours

We’ve all been down the road (most of us anyhow) where we spent far too much time trying out different indicators and settings that before we knew it, there was a lot of time in the rear view mirror.

That was time wasted that would have been better spent learning about the mechanics of the moves of the markets.

What actually makes price move (imbalances) and the structures that it forms would have been a better learning curve to tackle.

Instead we looked for the perfect setting on that perfect indicator that timed perfectly with a small data set of turning points on the chart (using historical data of course).

We then looked to find a combination of indicators that all lined up at the same time and gave us that perfect trade setup.

You set about trading your “system” only to find out it didn’t stand up to the real world live markets.

Wasted time.

Lets move on from the madness.


Netpicks And Your Trading Success

As a trading company that has actual traders as members of the team, Netpicks not only gets questions about our systems but also trading in general.

Many of the questions are about indicators and it’s clear that many of those who have written in are stuck in the “novice head space” of how to use these tools.

You must remember that trading will always be a work in progress. You will never suddenly arrive and will constantly be working to improve not only your system but also yourself.

There is no quick path to success or even consistency in your trading but the path can be a shorter one and that is something we wanted to help with.

Netpicks has been developing trading systems for over 20 years but is far from being a one-trick pony.

Trading education and your success is something we are also passionate about so we decided to dedicate many hours to putting together some “hard truths” about trading indicators to help you cut some wasted time off your trading journey.


The Trading Indicator Blueprint

We wanted to help you have one central place to study the most talked about indicators but in a way that actually reflects the real world of trading.

We wanted to open your eyes to the actual real world utility of some popular trading indicators and rip apart the common “truths” about them.

You will have full access to a 55 page downloadable resource manual the will cover important topics such as:

  • The 2 types of trading indicators you will want to use
  • 4 indicators that can be used in any market or time frame
  • The perfect trading indicator settings (hint:  don’t think too hard)
  • One thing you must see for a higher probability retracement/continuation trade
  • Why oversold/overbought is not a trading setup

While other companies may be happy just giving (selling actually) you a manual, Netpicks wanted to make sure you not only understand everything we talk about, but can also see the truth in it.

You also get over 30 minutes of HD video

truth of moving averages

This is a screen grab of a portion of the moving averages video where the weakness of moving averages as trend indicators is fully explained.

Quick tip:  A moving average can be used as a scanning tool for quick determination of trend/price compression

keltner channel trading

This is a segment on Keltner Channels where you will learn how to determine different states of the market to help in your trading decision process.

Is this the holy grail of information on indicators?


But it does what it is designed to do.

It has you focus on what’s important and ultimately to help shorten the learning curve we all suffer from when starting to trade.

The Indicator Blueprint could easily sell for over $150 when compared similar products — although they simply rehash the same information you can get from a Google search.

We want you to have this indicator trading resource for free.

“Pay for what you get” doesn’t apply here.

This is a quality resource that you will refer to for years to come.


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