Taking A Detour To Trading Profits

Not every trading session goes like we plan and it’s up to every trader to not get frustrated by failed expectations.

Being frustrated can take us down a rabbit hole where all types of issues can crop up:

  • Revenge trading
  • Trading too big of size
  • Grasping at profits

What is important to have is a way to still gain from the market while sticking to the script that you’ve tested, improved, and found to show an edge

In the following video, while it ended up successful, I did have to resort to my favorite ‘trades of opportunity’ to hit my goals.

For those of you interested in learning about the newest trade setup in the Spotlight Power Trader ‘family’ of trades, I walk-through some of the much anticipated Spotlight SubZero trades that happened during this session.

In fact, it was a SubZero trade that got me to my trade plan goals as you will see.

I also talk through several other popular trading plans that continue to do great and are consistently hitting new equity highs.


One Trading Strategy – Different Ways To Trade

There are many ways to use the Spotlight Power Trader because it is a very simple trading strategy to learn.  The important thing is the stay with the overall spirit of the strategy and the overriding goals of the strategy which is:

“To quit with a positive result a vast majority of the time, while controlling draw down with minimal and efficient trading.”

That’s why you always will hear me talking about some of the 12 powers that are built into the Spotlight Power Trader strategy, three of them being:

  • The ‘power of quitting‘ when we hit our goals
  • The power of the trade plan that dictates when we hit our trading goals
  • The’power of compounding,’ which is how we reach our longer term financial goals while sticking to the overriding goal of the Spotlight Power Trader

Trading is not all roses, life happens and we have to be fleet of foot and find another way to move our account forward with high percentage trades.

That is where the need for experience, professionalism and learning how to use ‘trades of opportunity’ come into play.

The Spotlight SubZero setup is going to solve this for many of you.


Your Invitation – Free Trading Room Trial

The best way to see our trading strategies in action is to sit in our trading room and get to know how they work in live markets.  I know many see these types of trading videos and think that they only show the best trades.

That is not true with Netpicks.

We will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly and will never make apologies for keeping it real.


You want results in your trading and our trading strategies and the trading plans they come with have a positive expectancy which means – you can make money over time.

Click here and join us for 2 weeks in our trading room.  Ask questions, see our trading members chat, and most importantly, see how our strategies can fit into your lifestyle – whether you can day trade or must swing trade due to other obligations.


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