Trading Crude Oil Futures — The One Minute Trade

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Trading Crude Oil Futures can can be a challenge for sure but this is one tradeplan I will never miss, so long as I have my computer and an internet connection.  There are many wrong ways to trade crude oil futures but one of the right ways, one of the very best ways in fact, is to trade with the Counter Punch Trader immediately following the Crude Oil Inventory Report.  I’ve posted many videos of this specialized trade that we do each week.  We’ve only had one losing session in the last two months (probably even longer).  Here is this week’s installment.  Watch how we navigate the fast moving price action to get in, hit our goals, get out and stop, all within ONE minute of overall risk exposure to the market.

There were many other trades covered today and the full video is available to Counter Punch Trader Members on their private Owner’s Club website.  The full video includes my live Russell eMini trade with the Spotlight Power Trader, YM trades, NQ trades, GBPUSD and EURUSD trades, Soybean Futures as well as many important trading lessons. We also took a close look at trading crude oil futures with renko bars, range bars, amongst other topics of discussion.

Watch this One Minute trade, trading crude oil futures

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I posted my live Russell eMini Trade in our Inner Circle Facebook Group.  Here it is for you to check out.  Below that is my live trade in the Russell eMini that I took while in my hotel room the day before (I was out of town for my son’s soccer tournament).

Today’s Russell eMini Live trade while inside the Counter Punch Traderoom today



My Russell Trade from my Hotel Room on Monday, prior to catching my flight home


Sign up for a FREE Two Week Pass to our Counter Punch Trader traderoom and witness this for yourself in live time.

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