Today’s Best Daytrades with Spotlight Power Trader and SubZero

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Succeeding at day trading in not an impossible task.

In fact, there is no secret that the professionals know that is hidden away from the general public.

Throughout the over two decades that Netpicks has been developing trading software and training traders from all over the world, we can narrow it down to 7 success variables:

  1. Trading a strategy that has a verifiable edge in the market
  2. Training that covers all the bases to ensure would be traders can hit the ground running
  3. Perfect practice of everything that is taught
  4. A mindset that is conducive to success with an understanding that losses do happen
  5. Trading plans that contain proven rules to follow that allows you to quit with positive results a majority of the time
  6. Controlling the draw down in equity that could come when the string of losing trades play out
  7. Knowing when to stop trading so profits remain steady and consistent – we call in the power of quitting

For traders that have made the right decision and are trading the Spotlight Power Trader – knowing the 12 powers that are featured in the training.


Spotlight Power Trader Goals

The goal of the Spotlight Power Trader is to be able to quit a vast majority of our sessions with a positive result, while controlling our draw downs with minimal and efficient trading.

That is what the strategy is designed to do, dynamically adjusting its trades to current market conditions so it can stay in rhythm and flow with the price action.

This is not wishful thinking…….

We accomplish our goals when we focus and trade within the context of proven trade plans so we can mitigate the random distribution of wins and losses that exists with all trading and  use the odds as our power tool to do the heavy lifting and grow our equity consistently over time.

Spotlight Power Trader was on full display again today, repetitively showing us how this method, when combined with the overall strategy goals, continues to achieve what we need it to.

We then use SubZero to supercharge our results and pick up additional high percentage trades of opportunity. See how it’s done with this walk through of today’s day trades.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Netpicks Trading. For more information on how you can get involved with the Spotlight Power Trader and SubZero, reach out to us at

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