Crude Oil Inventory Report Trade Recap

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This crude oil trading session for Feb 28 2018 had some excellent learning points in it and it would have been easy to get tripped up if you were approaching your trading without a concrete approach to the markets.

All of our Inner Circle members and those who attend our live trading room, see first hand the benefits of:

  • Having a trading system that has a positive expectancy in the markets
  • Using a trading plan that helps you navigate through sticky trading situations
  • The value of trading discipline in becoming a successful trader

During this crude oil inventory report trading session, following our trading rules and being equipped with a trading system and plan, led to a winning session despite the challenges that came


Crude Oil Inventory Report Live Trade Recap – 2/28/18

To get the full value of what this trading video, continue listening after the trading completes.  I swing back around and fully cover the steps and hazards we have to consider during the session.

The truth is, there are times that trading the inventory report is simple.  The trading plan we use for the release has a tremendous track record and the Counter Punch Trader continues to perform in the manner is was designed to:  put the odds in our favor on every trade and use it within the context of tested and proven trade plans that grow a trader’s equity

There are also times that it is challenging but we keep disciplined, don’t let emotions play any part in our trading, and let the system and trading plan do the work.

I continue to post these videos on YouTube and you can find many others of this exact same plan, traded live in our trading room.


Crude Oil Inventory Report Video

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If you want to find out more information about our trading systems and the opportunity we offer, get in touch with us at Netpicks.  We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you achieve the trading goals you’ve set for yourself.

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