The New Spotlight SubZero Trading Setup

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One thing Spotlight Power Trader has taught us is the ‘power’ of the well tested trade plan.

Trade plans help us mitigate the random distribution of wins and losses by giving us a road map to follow where we always know the odds are on our side to quit trading our session with a positive result while also controlling our draw-down.

The road map that you follow leads to the destination we all seek as traders – consistently profitable.  The road map includes important aspects of trading including:

  • How much you are going to risk on each trade you take
  • How you are going to determine what a setup and a trigger is
  • When you will take your profits or the stop out on a losing trade

This is how fortunes are made trading.

But what if you need or want more?

What if the trading plan is so successful, you hit your goals with the very first trade?  This is something we see frequently with the Spotlight Power Trader strategy.  What if you happen upon the rare occasion that the trade plan ends negative for the day?

What if you just want to trade more?


The SubZero Trading Setup Is The Way

This is the newest setup in the family of Spotlight Power Trader setups. It is unique because it has the uncanny ability of putting us in front of excellent moves with a high percentage outcome. The trade itself IS the trade plan. It is a true trade of opportunity and it has become my favorite setup that I use on a large number of occassions.

This video below will introduce you to the SubZero concepts and will show you how I use it to great effect on the markets that I tend to trade.

If you’d like more details on how you can get involved with Spotlight Power Trader and the newest SubZero trading setup, reach out to us at

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