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I’m very excited about the new Spotlight SubZero approach.

Proven and tested trading plans with measurable results that are shown to put the odds in a trader’s favor are the keys to on going trading success.

What most people fail to realize is that there is a random distribution of wins and losses with any method of trading.  What this means is we may know the potential winning and losing streak of any trading method and plan but the order that the wins and losses come in, are unknown.

Using a trading plan and strategy with a positive expectancy allows you to handle the draw downs by knowing that, eventually, the wins will come.

How do we know?

We know the wins come (along with other information such as average loss, average win….) because of the testing of the trading system we are using.

Taking a look at this chart, we can see that even with decent winning percentage, we will take a string of losses sometime in the future.  We just don’t know when.

Losing Streaks In Tradiing

How To Handle The Unkown

We mitigate that randomness of trading by only taking trades within the context of a proven trading plan so we can be as assured as possible that we can succeed and grow our accounts on an ongoing, steady basis.

We handle the potential losing streaks by ensuring that risk and trade management are always at the forefront of any trading decision we make.

Sometimes we want to keep trading or for whatever life circumstance emerges, we miss our formal trade plan trade(s).

This is where the Spotlight SubZero comes in.

This trading setup has great odds and is very reliable. It happens periodically throughout a session. I call it a ‘trade of opportunity’ and the actual trading plan IS the setup itself. I love this setup and use it as a way to juice up my trading day by adding additional trades that I can depend on.


Netpicks Keeps Improving For Our Customers

Our team of traders are always looking for ways to increase the success of any trader that trusts Netpicks to be their “guiding light” in the world of trading.

Whether it’s coding our trading strategies into Think Or Swim after we saw the demand or finding new tweaks to our systems and plans, we want our customers to succeed.

The Spotlight SubZero is a new Spotlight Power Trader trade that has the unique ability to present to use one-off trades of opportunity that we can use on a variety of charts.

So far, I’ve used this setup exclusively on momentum range bars and using the Tradestation beta version of the new Spotlight SubZero calculator.  I’m currently testing the Ninja Trader 7 version and the Ninja 8 version is being worked on now.

We hope to make the Spotligtht SubZero indicators and training available to all Inner Circle and Spotlight Power Trader users available as soon as possible.

Watch out how I used Spotlight SubZero to hit my trade goals for this Friday’s session.  As always, you are welcome to watch live with our trading room free trail.


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