Spotlight Power Trader vs SubZero

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Spotlight Power Trader is one of our flagship trading strategies that has seen tremendous results over the years.

When used as intended, it delivers consistent, ongoing trading profits and can help a trader achieve his or her financial goals.

The purpose of the Spotlight Power Trader is to be able to quit a vast majority of our sessions with a positive result, while controlling our draw downs with minimal and efficient trading.

We’ve always been of the belief that the quicker we can reach our goals and remove risk from the market, the more success we will have over time.  We do that by using trade plans with clear and concise structure;

  • Start time and ending time
  • Trading goals
  • Entries, targets, stops
  • Trade management rules that are all perfectly defined

The key is to prove the results to yourself just like we have.  When you have the big picture about your trading strategy, you set the foundation for the belief in  your system and plan which is crucial to your long term success in trading.


Dow E-Mini – 89% Positive Result

The Dow eMini (YM) daytrade plan for example, is able to quit with a positive result nearly 89% of the time. If you knew this on a first hand basis, would it not strengthen your resolve to stick to the structure for each trade?

Yes.  It would.

It is no different when we trade Crude Oil futures or any of the other markets we trade on a daily basis.

Don’t think day traders are the only focus for us.  Swing traders using the same concepts  can achieve highly productive and strong win rate trading plans.


What If You Want More?

The truth is that even the most consistent trader will still have the inclination to grab a trade of opportunity.

What if you want to interject a trade here and there that will still give you a reliable outcome?

That is why SubZero came to be.


SubZero Trade Setup Lets Us Scratch The Itch

SubZero is a special Spotlight setup that we use as a ‘single trade of opportunity.’  It’s a one-off high percentage setup.  Today, for example, there were enough excellent, winning SubZero trades on my favorite charts that provided enough fire power to actually pay for the entire Spotlight Power Trader strategy.

In just one session!

My favorite charts include:

  • YM 12 point momentum bar
  • RTY 8 tick momentum bar
  • CL 5 tick momentum bar
  • NQ 4 point momentum bar
  • ES 6 tick momentum bar
  • Gold futures 6 tick momentum bar
  • Unleaded Gas 20 tick momentum bar

With SubZero, I can trade directly from my chart using bracket orders, placing trades on multiple charts and manage them all correctly.

It takes a little practice but once you’ve learned how to use SubZero, you can begin to enjoy the benefits this great setup gives us.  Like I said, today paid for the entire Spotlight Power Trader, a full year in the Inner Circle, etc.

Spotlight Power Trader gave us some excellent SubZero trades on Crude Oil this morning after the Inventory Report

Crude Oil
Crude Oil

Spotlight Power Trader gave us these two SubZero trades of opportunity in the Russell eMini late this morning/afternoon.  The current trade still going as of this post.

Russell eMini
Russell eMini

Below I recorded a video which helps to explain how we use Spotlight Power Trader to maximum effect and the SubZero to ‘juice’ up our trade results.

In this video, I explain the difference between the two and how we use both to achieve our goals.

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