Slow Markets Can Be Beat with Spotlight Power Trader

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The markets have been slow lately but it reminds us of what kind of trading strategy Spotlight Power Trader is — a strategy that can quit with a positive result a majority of the time while keeping draw downs low and with minimal and efficient trading.

I did a short video of today’s best day trades with the Spotlight Power Trader below.  Days like this one can string together because the distribution of wins and losses come randomly which means winning and losing streaks can happen unexpectedly.

When the winning streaks come, they push the equity in our accounts higher and sometimes to new equity highs if you are not coming out of draw down.

The YM, for example, recently won 36 out of 40 sessions this past contract with some hitting our goals in the first trade.


Inexperienced Traders Must Learn The Realities Of Trading

Inexperienced traders will quit after a few losses and often times with much less in their trading accounts.


They risk too much with each trade and when the losing streaks happen, they can’t hold on.

What I think is worse are the traders who position size correctly but quit usually when the losing streak is coming to an end.  They don’t understand the one step backwards two step forwards analogy for trading.

They don’t get that since they are trading with an edge, the losing trades will come to an end and the winning trades make up for the losing trades.  This happens due to the size of winners being larger than the losing trades.

It’s ironic but losing traders tend to avoid the very thing they want the most. To win at trading!

That’s what ‘people trying to trade’ do and why most people fail. Those that make money understand the random distribution of wins and losses and the edge that our strategy gives us, letting the strong odds we have do all the heavy lifting.

The a casino wins with house odds.

The gambler loses.

Be the casino, but with much better odds!

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