Reliable Trading Plan For Crude Oil

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If trading is exciting, you are doing it wrong and I will say that our trading plan for the crude oil inventory report is not exciting, but it is reliable.

How do we do it?  Simple.

We follow the rules of the trading plan for the inventory report with our Counter Punch Trader system almost in a robotic fashion.  It is easy to do since we know we have a positive expectancy trading system where we know the entire structure of the trade from start to finish.

  1. Entry is printed on the chart
  2. Stop is printed on the chart
  3. Profit targets are printed on the chart

The only thing that is easy about trading is trusting our trading plan for the inventory report and following the path of the trade – win or lose.

Why do we trust our Crude Oil Inventory report trading plan?  We trust the plan because:

  • Our testing showed we were looking at a strategy that was viable in the past through many market conditions
  • Our forward testing saw it tackle the markets of today complete with news spikes and tough conditions
  • Our winning track record of many trades bolsters the belief and confidence virtually every trading session.


Not Always Winning – But Rarely Losing

I do apologize as I never got around to posting last week’s Crude Oil Report Trade, as I normally do. It wasn’t very interesting ultimately breaking even with two trades that both stopped out with break even results. That was the end of the session for us, per our trade plan rules.

The trade plan is designed to control draw down by preventing us from over-trading.  Trading is risky and we can’t control the outcome of any given trade but we do have great control over our trade plan results by keeping the odds firmly on our side and by not over trading and over extending our risk exposure to the market in general.

While last week’s session was just a boring two trades that broke even, this week’s session was just a ‘ho-hum’ get in, get out, get done, session, hitting our goals with the first trade and literally being finished in less than 3 minutes.

See how we posted another winning session, following the most reliable trade plan I have ever used, as we hit our trading goals with the first trade of the session.

For more information on the Counter Punch Trader, Spotlight Power Trade or our new and exciting special setup, the Spotlight SubZero, please send inquiries to


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