Say No To Random Trading And Yes To Success

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Our YM trading plan is one trade away of making all new equity highs.

Russell E-Mini, NQ, ES, Crude oil and others all hitting their trade plan objectives with minimal trading, one or two trades only, and goals reached.

Markets are challenging at the best of times but our trade plans always keep up in a great to position to grow our trading accounts consistently.


Random Trading Will Ruin A Trader

Taking random trades, which means an trade outside of your trading plan, eliminates much of the proven odds that we stack in our favor.  I don’t see any point why anyone would do it.

Gambling is not the same as successfully trading.

Gambling, like trading, is a great business but with a casino, the edge is with them and you have to rely more on luck than skill.

Trading is different.

You can actually put the odds in our favor each time we engage with the market.  You do this by having a trading system with an edge and a trading plan that keeps you disciplined.

It makes no sense why anybody that has the goal of successful trading and making profits, would take a random trade.  People are truly their own worse enemy.

The odds do the heavy lifting to raise the value of our trading account.

Check out how it was done again today with Spotlight Power Trader; some tradeplans finishing within a matter of minutes, in most cases.

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    Trading is not gamble. Explained very well. Thank you so much for such a valuable information.


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