Avoid The Chop & Noise Of The Markets With My FREE Quantum Leap Intervals for MetaTrader!
MetaTrader Is Forcing You To Trade With Old, Inferior Charting! Get Ahead Of The Curve With My FREE Quantum Leap Intervals Plugin For MetaTrader.

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Note: You can't get Quantum Leap Intervals through MetaTrader only, but the good thing is, I'm giving it away this week FREE.
Often times, it seems like Time Interval Charts are the only way to go, especially with MetaTrader. You know what I mean by 'time interval', right? 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute charts - that whole deal. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the majority of traders are using time interval as the ‘end all, be all’ of charts and the only chart to use if you’re looking to score big-time in the markets.But don’t be fooled.

Believe it or not, time interval (and volume and tick, for that matter) have a whole host of issues - the biggest problem is that they are NOT based on price movement. This means lots of chop, churn and general confusion right when you're trying to make huge trade decisions in a split second. Not exactly ideal, huh?

Right out of the box, MetaTrader is been downright depressing when it comes to chart offerings - they give you limited options with the explanation, "Hey, we're free - what more do you want?". Until now...

My Quantum Leap Intervals are at the cutting edge of technology - a charting method based completely on price action. It...

       Is based on a 'brick' charting method developed by the Japanese
       Filters out *MOST* of the chop and noise plotted by tick & volume
       Handles fast moves and market slow-down better than we've seen
       Reacts to news quickly so you can make a better decision, faster
       Rocks with indicator-based strategies
       Is awesome in volatile markets (!)
Simply put, it'll make your life easier and your trading more profitable.
Download it, check it out and test it to see if you like it. It's really made a huge difference in the way I trade, and I think you'll see the same. Hope you can use!