NetPicks Inner Circle Live Options Demo 3/30/18

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We held a Live Options Demo on Friday 3/30 to show how we approach the markets at NetPicks.

In the video below you will find a walk through of our options trades from last week. We also take a look at some new trades setting up for next week.

These demos are designed to give you a feel for how our systems have been performing in recent market conditions.

They are also a great opportunity to ask questions in real time and if you have questions while watching the recording, make some notes, contact us, and we will go over your questions.

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2 Responses to “NetPicks Inner Circle Live Options Demo 3/30/18”

  1. jan mallaby

    how do I get to attend these webinars when they are live?

    • CoachMike

      Jan Here is the link that you can use to signup for our live webinars. Let me know if you have any trouble with this link.


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