Netpicks Day Trading Plans Are Designed for Minimal Trading

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Winning trade plans for day traders are consistently accomplishing the goals of the Spotlight Power Trader strategy which helps traders stay consistent in their approach.

The key is to not try to do too much and just stay focused on achieving the overriding goals of the strategy:

To quit with a positive result a vast majority of the time, while controlling draw down with minimal and efficient trading

That is something every trader should strive for and the question is, “how do traders that use Netpicks trading plans and trading strategies do that?”

It’s simple.

We do this by just repetitively executing the plan, day in and day out, and not worrying about the 2 steps forward, 1 step back dynamic that exists within a winning trading approach.

  • It is impossible to win every trade, yet so many traders become undone when a trade loses.
  • It is impossible to win every session and yet so many traders throw in the towel and jump to another trading strategy or trading plan

It’s frustrating to watch traders quit right at the end of the “one step backwards” because the “two steps forward” begins on the next trade.

Take this chart of the EURJPY currency pair that delivered just over 80 pips today

Moring Trading Done – Go Enjoy The Day

In about one hour, traders using this trading strategy and trading plan would have finished trading in the morning giving themselves the rest of the day to do other things.

Imagine if you just had a few losses, you decide to move on, and then miss this simple setups, triggers, and target winners.  It’s not a good feeling.


Trading Plans Discussion

This video is a walk-thru of some of this week’s best tradeplan trades along with a brief discussion of each plan and how they all basically work the same way, accomplishing what the strategy is designed to accomplish.

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