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Trading the YM – Dow E-Mini – live with the Spotlight Power Trader is one of the most straight forward, easy to follow, and effective trading strategies I know of.

You can trade it directly from the chart with the entire trade completely planned from start to finish.

Having a plan every time you trade is crucial to your long term success.  You may get by with a “shoot from the hip” approach to trading and even have a winning streak.  As surely as day turns into night though, you will lose.  You may slow bleed your account or the decimation of your trading career could come with one trade where your risk management was non-existent.

Your plan does not have to be complicated.  What it must have is a way for you to be consistent every time you approach the market and the Spotlight Power Trader gives you that ability.

The Spotlight Power Trader is not based on theory.  It’s not based on hope.  This trading strategy is built around market tendencies and we exploit those tendencies every time we trade.  This gives you an actual edge in the market and along with consistency and risk management, the sky is the limit to your trading success


Live Trading Room Trading

This video is a glimpse inside of this trader’s brain as I trade the YM live in the traderoom using Spotlight Power Trader. I basically speak out loud what I’m thinking as I navigate the trade, using a very solid and effective tradeplan with Spotlight Power Trader.

You are more than welcome to join the trade room for a free two week trial so you get to see, in real time, how we handle the markets.

This YM live tradeplan has only had 3 losing sessions since the middle of March, winning 36 of the last 39 sessions. Today, the basic tradeplan goals were reached with the very first trade of the session, as seen in the live traderoom, this video.

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