Crude Oil Inventory Trade Results – June 27 2018

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I’ve received many emails about the crude oil inventory report trade that is done live in our trading room every week.

The set time frame we look at, the trading plan we use, and how quickly someone short on time during the day can profit from the market is appealing to many.

To be honest, I’m actually running out of ways to write about trading the report and the results we have been getting.  Many of the replays you can find on our YouTube channel so you can see proof that these are called live every Wednesday.

You are also welcome to join us for free for 2 weeks in our trading room by clicking here, to see how professional traders follow a proven trading system and a trading plan that delivers the results.


Trading Crude Oil Inventory Report – June 27 2018

This week was a lot like last week. We waited our allotted time after the report and then we took the first setup, using Counter Punch Trader.

Last week we were in and out in about a minute, hitting our targets.

Today, basically the same thing. See how we did it with this video.

Spotlight Power Trader also works great, winning today as well. You can also trade Unleaded Gas futures with Spotlight, today winning big yet again, too.  To find out more about how you can get involved with Counter Punch Trader, Spotlight Power Trader and SubZero, contact us at


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