Instant Gratification Trading Crude Oil Inventory Report with CPT

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In a world where instant gratification is a desired result, the “one minute trade” fits the bill when we trade the crude oil inventory report.

It’s not always “instant” because sometimes we have to wait two minutes but compared to a longer term trading position, it’s close enough

Even when the crude oil inventory report trade lasts a little longer, we are still able to limit our exposure in the market while we sit in a trade that has a high winning percentage.

To be honest, it is my personal favorite trade of the week and many other Inner Circle traders are fans as well.


Reality Did Strike – We Had A Loss

Some of you may be asking why there was no crude inventory release trade result posted from last week.  It was a hectic week but I am not afraid to be truthful and say – we had a rare loss.

I could do like many other trading companies do and ignore the truth but at Netpicks, we don’t play that way.  The results, win or lose, will always be transparent because we know that you have put your faith in us to give you the straight goods about trading.

The reality is that losing trades happen and can happen in multiples.  That said, when you trade a strategy like Counter Punch Trader along with our crude oil inventory release trading plan, you know the wins are just around the corner.

Like the last one.  In and out in one minute with a winning session!

I recorded the session as I usually do and edited it out of our live trade room session so you can see how we did it.

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