This is It! After thousands of hours of backbreaking testing and hundreds of live trades we are, for the second time ever, in very limited quantities, and for a very limited time, making this available to the public.

And just so there's absolutely no doubt about how serious we are...

We Are Taking The Risk... If You Don't Absolutely LOVE IT, Send It Back For A Full Refund!

You will receive everything you see here, and the many more bonuses below. Read on to learn about the system and find out about everything you're going to receive with the Universal Market Trader Today!

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From the Desks of the NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team

Dear Savvy Trader,

Welcome to launch of the Universal Market Trader Simple! This is Mark & Brian, your NetPicks Trading Team, and we want to let everyone know that this is tremendously exciting and a special day for all of us at NetPicks! Today is the absolute first time that we are releasing the UMT outside of our own subscriber base. Today is the day that pro-active and serious traders everywhere will become fully empowered to profit along with us and our other very satisfied UMT Simple owners.

And because of our tremendous confidence with the first two sets of owners and their amazing feedback and success, we are offering you a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Yep, you read that right. Take it home, try it out for 30 days and if you don't see the type of results we promise, you can send it right back (less shipping costs). It's that easy. PLUS, with our 200% Investment Assurance that says if you don't DOUBLE your investment trading the UMT in 90-days, just let us know and we'll DOUBLE your time in our exclusive Member's Only Owner's Club. Read on for more details!

After interacting with thousands of active traders worldwide for over 12 years in bear markets and bull markets, there is one thing that we're certain of: traders everywhere are ready for a methodology that is unique, refreshing, and real. Specifically, traders are searching for...

A methodology that hand-delivers you SIMPLE and easily-learned custom indicators ready to be loaded up the minute you subscribe (with most Traders learning the fundamentals within a day!).
A methodology that allows you to seamlessly switch and trade multiple markets and multiple timeframes for unlimited opportunities.
A methodology that provides live ongoing training where you can even get your questions answered from the developers themselves.
A methodology that allows you to interact directly with other owners of the system!

Over our 12+ years in the investment education niche (and over 25+ years experience trading), we've taken note that traders have continuously asked us for several specific benefits that they needed to see in their dream trading system. These requests were the very inspiration for The Universal Market Trader. With hundreds of other systems out there, what makes the UMT so special? Why is the demand so high? And come re-release time, why do we always and consistently sell out before "closing time"?

The answer...

No Subjectivity, Total Simplicity and Extreme Flexibility!

Anyone who has traded before knows the hardest part is handling your emotions! Should I take this next trade, or skip it? How many times have you second guessed yourself, only to kick yourself for not taking a trade that turned out to be a winner. The guessing games are over. You'll always have a simple yet powerful rule-set to follow that doesn't change market to market! You learn the system, to master all the markets! This concept is SO powerful. Once you have the system down it will make no difference what market you trade. (Seriously.) With the UMT, you'll be able to navigate between forex, futures, stocks, commodities, options, ETF's - whatever's appealing to you! Plus, you only ever trade off of one chart and timeframe at a time so it could not be easier.

We're certain that you will feel the power of the system the very first day you use it. Why? Because when you feel like almost every trade you take is going to win, it gives you the proper confidence that will change the way you think about the markets. In our 12 years of helping traders to meet and exceed their profit potential, The Universal Market Trader is by far the most robust, flexible and powerful trading system that we've ever seen. Along with this, its winning edge is without a doubt better than anything we have ever traded before. We're confident you will agree as soon as you get your hands on it.

There has never been a system anything like this before, and in a few short days (or much sooner if we sell out), it will be gone. Make sure you grab your Universal Market Trader Course & System now.

Good Trading!

Mark, Brian & The NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team

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"Trading with the UMT improved my ability to read the market and become a better trader"

"NetPicks has reinvented itself once again with this product by bringing a new dimension that offers a robust and easy to apply strategy to any market in any time frame.

I appreciate the quick response NetPicks offered to existing clients by being open to suggestions and recommendations to improve even further the product. The community, updates and experience sharing has increased my awareness in how learning to trade efficiently is a path that is being constructed day by day through each UMT subscriber and the UMT community. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about improving risk management and profiting from the markets."

Nathan N.
(*Please see dislcaimer)

"I’ve always felt that you guys have the greatest sense of integrity in this arena, but I’m blown away by the UMT Simple."

"I love it! I think it should be called “Simple and Elegant” because it gets me in and out of the market so simply and I’m hitting so many targets. And this after only 2 days using it. What a great, wonderful trading system!! Thanks! I love it from the bottom of my bank account.”

Michael G.
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Take A Look At Some Recent Results Below:

Flexibility is KEY. The beauty of our system is that you can master multiple markets - without having to learn complex specific rules for each market! Once you learn the rules, you can easily apply them to a number of stocks, futures, forex, or commodity markets, and you can do so as quickly as changing the channel on your TV.

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Check out these results on the Dow...

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And we're all about Win/Loss consistency with the UMT...
check out the ratios acorss 21 trades, 77 trades, and even 146 trades on the Dax Futures!

(*Please see dislcaimer)

(*Please see dislcaimer)

(*Please see dislcaimer)

(*Please see dislcaimer)

(*Please see dislcaimer)

"If You're Serious About Actually Making REAL Money Trading Any Market or Time Frame You Desire, The Universal Market Trader Is The Best Way I've Seen To Get You There..."

CD #1: Setup & Getting Started

These videos will get you started quickly.  You’ll learn how to set-up your workspace, how to apply your indicators and how to be ready to start using the trading strategy. We’ll show you how to receive and your exclusive confidential custom indicators.  

This will be done for four of the major charting platforms available that the strategies can be run from including Tradestation, eSignal, MetaTrader, and NinjaTrader. We hope to add more platforms in the future.

Once you’ve finished with this CD you’ll be well on your way to starting to learn and implement the strategy. Your first trade is not far away!

CD #2: Learning the Strategy

This CD is where the magic starts to happen.  You’ll be introduced to the Universal Market Trader strategy.  We’ll show you each of the major set-ups where you’ll be able to use your custom indicators to determine your exact entry set-ups.  You’ll see how we take our three major trades:  The Cross-Over, the Re-Entry and the Reversal Trade. 

These three trades will enable you to trade across multiple markets and timeframes, and in all types of market conditions.  Whether the market is trending, swinging or chopping you’ll follow the road-map the indicators and the rules show you. 

  • Even better, you’ll be learning the strategy that will be used across any market you choose to trade.  Whether that is stocks, forex or futures there is nothing new to learn as you change markets. 

  • You’ll also start learning some of the very best timeframes to use – whether you want to day trade or swing trade.

CD #3: Trading with the UMT

This CD shows you clearly exactly how we manage our trades once we’ve entered a market.  You’ll find out exactly where we place our protective stop and how to set our profit target.  The strategy is highly adaptive to current market conditions.  This is what helps it be so successful.  The fact that it reads the current market conditions and fine-tunes your profit targets and stops to match what is happening at that time. 

Instead of using “fixed” targets and stops and hoping to force the market to comply you get dynamically set profit projections and stop areas that match perfectly with the current market you are trading.  As trading range volatility changes, these will adapt for you.  You’ll have a precision exit strategy on every trade.  

You’ll learn even more here including steps to take to reduce risk and the finer points of target and stop placement.  We’ll even show you how to get back onboard favorable trending moves where you can at times take out profits one, two or three more times before getting a reversal trade to set-up.

  • Here you'll learn about proper money management techniques. We'll also talk about setting targets and stops and when to  finish for the day.
  • Plus we'll teach you how to spend as little time as possible at your computer. You'll come to know how to focus on only the best trading timeframes.


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"I debated over and over whether to submit a testimonial."

"The only reason I'd do it is to help you guys out... really. (Because NetPicks, esp. Mark and Brian, has be the best trading related company I've ever experienced!). In other words, I would rather keep this product to myself and limit it to the current owners. In trading one continuously battles the emotions of fear and greed. Well, this product is incredible!! And, my greedy side fears too many people will get a hold of it and the wonderful successes I'm having will end. I sincerely worry about this. The UMT program is hands down one of the best trading system available."

Jurg R.
(*Please see dislcaimer)

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for all the help and insight you have provided me in the past and continue to provide..."

"...first as my mentor in the UMT mentorship program and also in your online trading room. You have had an immensely positive impact on my trading career in so many ways.

As a mentor, you impressed upon me the absolute necessity of backtesting, which helped build my confidence level in this system. You also continually re enforce the Power of Quitting, which has helped me greatly. You are always there to answer my many questions, even at oddball times, and even now you continue to be. And most importantly, you've never made me feel like it was a bother.

After graduating from the mentorship program, I made the wise decision to join your trading room and even though I had learned a lot from you in mentorship, I can't say enough about the learning experience that trading in your room has provided me. I continually benefit from your insight into this complex business and generally learn something new on a daily basis.  I'd also like to thank you for for a sacrifice you've made to your own career by taking time off to run this room. You are without a doubt a very knowledgeable trader and an excellent teacher."

Ron S.
(*Please see dislcaimer)

"I have been using the UMT system for more than a year now."

"The system has produced outstanding results which I have not been able to do using systems that I trained in and which cost thousands of dollars.

Since I became an owner of UMT the guys at Netpicks have added so much value to the original system and also given us additional systems which is really unusual for a company to do.

Whenever I had any technical problem, Brian, one of the principals of the company, would respond, call me and personally get into my computer and sort it out for me.

I highly recommend UMT to any trader be it someone who is starting out or even someone who is already a seasoned trader. But by following the recommendations of the UMT people I am keeping out of trouble and my account has steadily grown as a result."

Norman D.
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CD #4: Mastery Series

The mastery series takes all you’ve learned, your live in the market experience and starts to move you to another level. 

Once you are trading live successfully and are ready to take on the nuances and "artform" of trading the UMT, the Mastery Series is the first place you should look.

Though you will be receiving invitations to our ongoing bi-monthly Mastery Series Webinars, we've taken the liberty of recording our most recent and engaging Mastery Webinars for to supplement your UMT education.

The Universal Market Trader Trading Manual

The Universal Market Trader Trading Manual included with your course package has several key sections. You'll have examples of each of our main set-ups including chart examples for the multiple markets and time frames it trades. Sections on trading hours, contracts and markets to trade, trade placement types as well
as exit strategies are included.

Money management is discussed along with position sizing. Suggested resources for charting applications, data feeds and brokers are included along with special offers for the useful tools. The manual is a concise and easy to follow guide with charts, tables and content that will assist you in getting started quickly with the course and mastering the strategy.

The UMT Detailed Guide to Markets and Timeframes

The Universal Market Trader Manual included with your course package has several key sections. You'll have examples of each of our main set-ups including chart examples for the multiple markets and time frames it trades. Sections on trading hours, contracts and markets to trade, trade placement types as well as exit strategies are included.

Money management is discussed along with position sizing. Suggested resources for charting applications, data feeds and brokers are included along with special offers for the useful tools. The manual is a concise and easy to follow guide with charts, tables and content that will assist you in getting started quickly with the course and mastering the strategy.

(*Please see dislcaimer)

Remember, we're here for you to ensure your success...

Continuous Support

Once you are a UMT owner, you have access to our support staff whenever you have a question. Whether it be technical, operational, or trading related, we are here to help.


We have an extensive online knowledge base that will answer the most common questions for you. So in most cases your answer will be right there waiting for you.


When you submit a question it will get assigned to the appropriate department. Our system works extremely well, and even keeps a history of your past questions, so we can refer to any past communications.


The bottom line is our system lets you get your questions answered fast, so you can get back to trading!

Exclusive And Fully Interactive Owner's Club With Weekly Live Ongoing Training!


The Owner's Club is your UMT homebase. Here, you can find the entire trading strategy, educational articles, videos, news, updates, strategy enhancements, trading forums and much more!

This includes our signature live training rooms that call 5 times a week so you can learn in real-time right alongside us. Just recently in 1 of the 5 training rooms, there's been over 500 points of profit called in the last 2-1/2 months (which is equal to $17,500.00 profit before commissions!).

The Owner's Club is a valuable resource available to our members and we encourage you to take full advantage of it as you master the UMT strategy.

Your Lifetime UMT License includes 2 free months to this valuable resource. Should you wish to continue (and we think you will!), it's just $177 a month thereafter! You're under no obligation to continue with the Owner's Club but as you can imagine, the staff and community support alone is enough to keep traders coming back for more!

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"I fell into the "95% losers" category .... UNTIL I subscribed to NetPicks."

"I have been trading Forex for 4 years - using different "systems" and writing my own EasyLanguage code for my own developed strategies. I fell into the "95% losers" category .... UNTIL I subscribed to NetPicks.

I was skeptical at first - it seemd too easy. But darn it works! Steady day in day out net trading profits with a 60% win ratio and profit factor of 2.00 plus. In the last two days alone my NP automated system made ten trades of which 9 were winners, for a total of 451 pips in my live account.

I understand trading systems, having spent so much time developing them - but Netpicks has an almost magical quality to it, the way it so accurately predicts the best Exit/Profit point. And the beauty of it is that its trading programs permit one to tweak the input parameters to suit ones own particular style and level of risk acceptance. I'd unreservedly recommend NetPicks UMT to any trader who finally wants to be successful.

Michael C.
(*Please see dislcaimer)

"UMT is already reaching my goals, this is now my job."

"It has alleviated the guess work. All you have to do is follow the system and place the order with very precise entry, stop, and limits. The system is very quick to master and follow. No more emotional roller coaster rides, I can now sleep at night. Sure you will get your losses but stick to the system and the winners will prevail.

When I first started the UMT system ( having used sytems that don’t work in the past) I had a real problem sticking 100% to the system and by doing so I got burnt. I would take losses on trades that turned into winners etc.

Follow the system and you will be pleasantly amazed with the results. It no longer has the stress of trading, I enter my setups and make the necessary changes as they occur.

It is so much fun that my wife and kids even enjoy watching the results, It is like playing roulette with the odds in my favor."

Terry W.
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Trades called LIVE by our own Shane Fry of the NetPicks UMT Australian office...

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Free Bonus

Ready to buy? By now I’m sure you are, as are hundreds of other traders that have already told us so. But no, we’re still not done…

We want to
OVER DELIVER!  We already know the Universal Market Trader "Simple Plan"  is an incredible system which will turn you into an expert across all markets and timeframes, QUICKLY and easily. But, why stop there, why not give away even more bonuses those who are lucky enough to secure a copy for themselves.

Bonus #1: Beginner's Series Webinars

testimonial2 If you're brand new to trading - welcome! This 2-part Webinar Series is dedicated to getting you up and running in no-time flat. If you're wondering which broker or charting platformto choose, which markets and timeframes best fit your lifestyle and account, and what really constitutes, "risk management" we trust you'll find this webinar series highly beneficial. Plus, it's live so we'll answer any and all of your questions as they come along.

Bonus # 2: Live Classroom Training Vol. 1 + Vol. 2

Take a sneak peek into what our 2-day Live Classroom Training Events are really like! This exclusive footage was shot in February 2009 during our Orlando, Florida Classroom Training Session on Day #1. These recordings will give you new insight into your education as only formal, academic training can. A perfect supplement to your UMT training!

Bonus # 3: Invitation to the 2009 Las Vegas UMT Owner's Meeting

Here, you'll meet like-minded UMT traders of all walks of life. Mix, mingle, and hear some insightful guest speakers while we wine and dine you (well, more like soda and lunch you!).

This fun event is hosted in November during the Trader's Expo so you can maximize your Vegas Trading experience! Go checkout the exhibits and speakers and then spend the day with us in Sin City! UMT Owner's Only.

Bonus #4: One Hour Personal Phone Consultation

testimonial2 To get you started off on the right foot, we want to speak with you personally to make double-check your tech settings and that you have downloaded and installed the indicator set correctly.

If you have any 'getting started' questions - this call is the time to voice your concerns. It's our goal for you to be in tip-top technical shape by the end of this call!

Bonus #5: Free Shipping!

$30-$85 Value (depending on location!)

Be quick and you'll save even more - you must make your purchase before midnight, so hurry on down and grab your copy while you still can!  After that regular shipping rates apply!

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"G'day Mates at UMT. What a turn around my trading has made."

"For the first time in my trading career I am achieving consistency. Most of all is the emotional ease with which I enter trades (no more guessing) with confidence. Your continued support and education has been invaluable (may I say unsurpassed in this industry). Thanks for everything and keep up the good work."

Charle C.
(*Please see dislcaimer)

"The obstacle for me has been deciding what and when to trade. All other systems I’ve tried have been too complicated and required skilled interpretation."

"With UMT Simple it’s all laid out on the chart - all I have to do is place the trades and manage them. Couldn’t be easier.

Instead of spending weeks or months wading through a mountain of instructional material, I was trading live within a couple of weeks so I’m already on the way to my goals. The programme is so easy to learn and inspires confidence, so I’m much more relaxed and can concentrate on trading."

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(*Please see dislcaimer)

(*Please see dislcaimer)

From: Your NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team

Dear Trader,

Well that's it! We hope you love what you see here as much as we've loved showing it all to you. We're extremely proud of what we've accomplished with the Universal Market Trader, and we're not shy to say it!

We honestly believe this is a vastly superior, quick, powerful system, and we hope you can see that too. Because we want to get the word out about the UMT we are offering it this time at a very low price.

Keep in mind, this price WILL increase by June! After we sell-out this time around, the next time we offer it, it will be higher than this release special. So take advantage of this special pricing right now before time runs out and the price goes up!

We've spoken to many traders who've spent thousands on other systems only to hear from them the same things over and over again. They were difficult to learn and impossible to use! The Universal Market Trader couldn't be more different; it's simple, straight-forward, flexible and powerful. We hope you'll be among the lucky few who will get one before it sells out.

We will provide every resource to you as our commitment to see you succeed. This system will truly empower you to trade as you never have before, giving you confidence, control, and all the tools you need to profit with your trading.

And remember, we are taking the risk here with our 100% 30 day Money-Back Guarantee! We will refund your purchase price in full, (less shipping costs) if, within the first 30 days of your receipt of UMT it does not profitably and successfully trade to your expextations.

Our Money-Back Guarantee is our assurance to you this is real, and we stand behind it 100%.

So in lieu of this our Guarantee, rather than charging $5000-$10,000 as similar continuing education courses are priced, we are only charging a FRACTION of that. How can we afford to do that? Not only is this course largely online-based, but ultimately, we make our money only when you continue as a member in our Owner's Club.

Try it out for free for 60 days. If you're not hooked on all the perks including system updates and staff and community support, then simply opt not to continue with the Owner's Club. But we're so confident that you'll love these benefits that you'll be profiting with us for the long-haul.

See you in the Owner's Club!

Good Trading!

Mark, Brian & The NetPicks Universal Market Trader Team

Get Ready...You Receive ALL of the Great Stuff Below as a Universal Market Trader Owner!

1. 4 Full Length In-Depth UMT Training CD's that will play right in your computer, so you can watch and learn The Universal Market Trader strategy step by step, at your own pace.

2. Comprehensive UMT Trading Guide will let you see the key trade set-ups in detail - learn exactly where to buy and sell.  How we set our profit targets and stops and manage every trade to completion.

3. Detailed Guide to UMT Markets & Timeframes is a jump-start guide that shows you a number of markets in the forex, futures and stock markets that you can immediately start trading. Day trade or swing trade!

4. Lifetime UMT Indicator Suite that you'll immediately be applying to your charts.  These indicators make the UMT Simple Plan tick and you'll use the exact same suite of indicators across all markets and timeframes for simplicity.

5. Introductory UMT Mastery Series CD packed full of our live Mastery series webinar recordings discussing the most relevant news, market conditions, and and upcoming topics involving the UMT. Expect guest speakers, expert recommendations, and more!

6. Invitation to Bi-Monthly Live UMT Mastery Series Webinars where we'll cover major topics, strategy reviews, and top performing markets plus close with a personal Q&A. Have your questions answered fast - live and in real-time.

7. Full 2-Months Access to Member's Only UMT Owner's Club where you will find the entire trading strategy, education, videos, news, updates, trading forums and much more! This includes live Signal Calls 5 TIMES a week - so you can learn the system right alongside us! You'll enjoy logging into the Owner's Club on a regular basis as you master the Simple Plan.

8. Dedicated, Ongoing UMT Support til you succeed and have mastered this system. We are here to answer your questions, not just sell you a system and leave you high and dry. Drop us an email or give us a call if you find yourslf stuck - that's what we're here for!

9. Bonus #1: Beginner's Series Webinars ideal for the trading newbie! If you need some extra help selecting a broker, choosing a charting platform, knowing what markets and time frames are right for you and your account - this 2-part webinar series should not be missed!

10. Bonus #2: Live UMT Classroom Training 2-Volume DVD Set filmed at our Orlando, Florida 2-day Training Event, this will give you a taste of what to expect at a Classroom Training Session. These DVD's will have some phenomenal tips and will supplement your video-based training perfectly.

11. Bonus #3: Invitation to the NetPicks Owner's Meeting where you'll meet like-minded UMT traders of all walks of life. Mix, mingle, and hear some insightful guest speakers while we wine and dine you (well, more like soda and lunch you!). Held in November during the Trader's Expo so you can maximize your Vegas Trading experience!

12. Bonus #4: A One-Hour Personal Phone Consultation with an expert Universal Market Trader Coach. This call will ensure that you're set-up properly using the correct charting platform and that your indicators are up and ready.

13. Bonus #5: Free Shipping Receive all of the above training materials, resources, and bonus goodies shipped direct to your door for NO CHARGE.

14. & 15. And best of all - a methodology that will empower you to trade with confidence, security, and the faith you will succeed as you become a far more flexible and dynamic trader than ever before - with a Full 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee and our 200% 90-Day Investment Assurance which says that if you don't DOUBLE your investment in 90 days using the UMT, show us your trades and we'll actually DOUBLE your time in the Owner's Club!

(*Please see dislcaimer)

Retail Price:  $1,995.00 
Your Price: Sorry! Sold Out

The UMT Has Been Taken Off the Market Indefinitely

But the GREAT News is that we have developed a brand new system that's proven *more profitable* than the UMT, called the Seven Summits Trader. Pop in your name below and we'll send you more info...


"I find it works great with MetaTrader4."

"I've been a member for over 5 months and have had a 80% win /loss ratio. I find it works great with MetaTrader4. Profits have had been increasing each month. If your looking for a steady pip count I would recommend this system."

(*Please see dislcaimer)

"I have found the UMT methodology to be very robust in many markets and timeframes."

"Hello everyone. A quick comment from the Bayou state (Louisiana). I have found the UMT methodology to be very robust in many markets and timeframes. It allows the trader to reduce emotion by having clear setups, targets, entries and stops. And, there is flexibility to add your trading expertise to increase your edge. I would also add that Mark and Brian are great. They respond to questions and give their time to help us be successful. Go guys!!"

Louis E.
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*U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Futures and options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Disclaimer