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The Spotlight Power Trade was just launched for the first time yesterday to the general public and in fact, the launch is still in full swing.

If you’ve been following this blog and Youtube channel for any length of time, you have seen how powerful Spotlight Power Trader is and now, you can own it.

I thought it would be helpful to do a quick walk through video of the trades from our favorite markets today so you can see the power that is behind this trading strategy.  Day traders will learn the different markets that we trade live in our trade room every trading session.

More importantly, you will see how we stick to our tested and proven trading plan since consistency is the calling card for any professional trader.


Day Trading – We Follow Our Trading Plan

As you watch the video, you will notice how each market and chart is handled the same way.   Of course we do pay attention to what the price action is saying to us along the way, and I talk about some of those issues in the video.

With repetition and practice, this approach becomes like riding a bike.   Something that you will learn once and will continue to reward you well into the future.


High Probability Trading Setups

The Spotlight Power Trader shines the spotlight on the highest percentage patterns designed to put the odds way on our side.  Then, we combine those setups with the 12 powers to successful trading.

In this video, you’ll see how we use three of those powers to not only achieve the overriding goals of the Spotlight Power Trader, but also, to take us further along the pathway to ongoing trading success and reaching our overall objective of achieving our financial goals.

  1. Power of the trading plan
  2. Power of quitting (POQ)
  3. Power of compounding


Day Trading YM – Dow E-Mini

The YM, one of the hottest tradeplans we use with the Spotlight Power Trader, has just won the last 24 our of 26 sessions.  You’ll see how it hit its goals today and check out the last two sessions as well.

Spotlight Power Trader and the YM hit the tradeplan goals with these three trades yesterday
Spotlight Power Trader and the YM hit the tradeplan goals with these three trades yesterday

The day before, Spotlight Power Trader was on its mark, hitting the YM tradeplan goals with the first trade of the session.



You Want To Get Started And We Are Here To Help

As mentioned earlier, Spotlight Power Trader was never avaialbe to the general public before now.  We would love to walk you through ownership details and how you can get started as soon as possible.

Drop us an email at and not only will you be impressed with our support staff, we’ll give you all the details you will need to become a SPT owner

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8 Responses to “Spotlight Power Trader – Racks Up The Wins”

  1. Katarzyna Scudamore

    how much cost SPT

    • CoachTJ

      Hello Katarzyna, I have sent you an email with more details about the Spotlight Power Trader. Please look for my email.

  2. Rob

    I love it, how much for SPT, please.

    • CoachTJ

      Hi Rob,

      I sent you an email explaining some options for you. Feel free to follow up with me by responding to my email and I’ll help you further. Thanks for your interest in the Spotlight Power Trader. — TJ

  3. Robert King

    How much is it for the Spotlight Power Trading System?

  4. Patrick Szalanski

    How much is the new trading tool?
    How long does it take to get familiar with its performance uses?

    • CoachTJ

      Hello Patrick, Thank you for your interest in the Spotlight Power Trader. We have a special offer going on right now. It is quite easy to learn too. Please send me an email at and I will send you all the details. Thanks..


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