Free Webinar: Trading on Target with Author Adrienne Toghraie

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While advances in trading tools and technology have increased the potential for capturing profits, the fact is that if you’re mentally unprepared to enter today’s markets, you’ll probably end up making many costly mistakes.

Nobody understands this better than Adrienne Toghraie, an expert Trader’s Success Coach and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the financial and business communities. And you’ll get to hear from her first-hand as Adrienne is the next special guest in our NetPicks Author Interview Series!

Adrienne Toghraie Author of Trading on Target

Engaging and informative, our interview will take a detailed look at what you need to become a psychologically, and emotionally, mature trader and reveal the attitudes, perceptions, and insights that will allow you to excel at this difficult endeavor.

Adrienne will provide practical solutions to dealing with the oldest hang-ups commonly found among those who aspire to succeed in trading, and offer advice on how to gain and maintain self-discipline in today’s dynamic markets. In addition, she’ll also…

  • Show how to overcome the various obstacles to becoming a top trader
  • Explore how you can let go of emotional states that can affect your trading
  • Offer insights on taking the right action and making better trading decisions
  • Reveal how to expand yourself in order to reach the next level of trading success

Wherever you are in your ability as a trader, there is always room to grow. Good Trading!

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