Fast & Efficient Winning Crude Oil Tradeplan Does it Again

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I want to show you another episode of our weekly crude oil futures inventory report trade that we do in our live trading room. (You can have a free 2 week trial by clicking here).

This is not to brag or show you how great our trading system is.  There are recorded so you can see that consistency in trading is possible.

Yes, you will have losing trades.

Losing weeks.

Losing months.

The key is that you continue to take your trading setups according to your trading system and the trading plan you are using.

That is what you are seeing each and every week that I post our crude oil inventory trading video.  Consistent application of a proven trading method and plan.


Trade Setups Don’t Have To Look Pretty

Today was a testament to how an uncomfortable looking and feeling trade is often the correct trade and in the end, the trade that hits session goals.

Our goal is always to be exposed to the market as minimally as possible and this trade plan has been getting it done for years. It rarely loses and yesterday’s session, while the trade felt like it was going to flip and go the other direction, actually proved to be highly efficient and nearly perfect:

  • Trade lasted less than 3 minutes – meaning we only exposed our risk for a short amount of time
  • Hit our trading goal
  • Had us done trading early in the morning


For those of you who have been following along with our inventory report trades, notice the consistent approach to this plan each and every week.

No need to second guess and make mistakes that end up costing you money.

Just lean on the system, take the pressure off of yourself as the trader, and let the trade plan and its proven edge in the market do all the heavy lifting.

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